When you were a college student, your life revolved around studying, classes, college sporting events, getting that all-you-can-eat cafeteria food and homework. Sleeping was probably pretty low on the list of things to-do. Ever wonder how your sleep schedule and workload compared to other students around the world? Lots of students use聽Dropbox聽for storing their schoolwork 鈥斅爄n fact, there鈥檚 over聽22.2 million GB of schoolwork, photos, essays, e-textbooks, podcasts, etc. saved on Dropbox聽by college students and there are over 94,000 shared folder invites to collaborate with classmates, faculty, or friends聽weekly.

Needless to say, the company has a lot of insight on the habits of college students. Their latest study can聽tell you which universities around the globe have the most night owls聽worldwide. The file hosting service聽collected this data by seeing which university鈥檚 students around the world were using their Dropbox accounts latest in the evening (they鈥檙e talking about 10 pm 鈥 4 am in their local time) during the school week. We鈥檙e not absolutely sure they were doing school work, of course, but people generally don鈥檛 socialize by Dropbox鈥 unless we鈥檙e missing something. Here are the top five around the world.

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1. Egypt: American University in Cairo

2. Chile: Universidad de Concepcion

3. South Korea: Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology

4. Greece: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

5. Australia:聽Monash University

While the US didn鈥檛 make the top five (whew), Dropbox reports the the school in the US with the most night owls is actually Princeton University. Carnegie Mellon clocks in at second place. Now you鈥檙e wondering how many students are out socializing on weekends? Dropbox has that info too. Here are the schools聽with the highest percentage of students who stop working on weekend evenings (as in, their Dropbox account goes silent)聽and go do other things. Again, no guaranteeing these kids are out partying, but we certainly would like to imagine they鈥檙e off having a good time.

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1. South Africa:聽University of Cape Town

2. USA:聽University of New Mexico

3. Singapore:聽Nanyang Technological University

4. Netherlands:聽Wageningen University & Research Centre

5. Australia:聽Queensland University of Technology

YAAAAS, the US has finally made the list. Here鈥檚 another interesting tidbit from Dropbox that is United States-specific: schools in the South have a聽greater representation on the聽overall social butterflies list with 11 schools in the top 25.聽USA! USA!

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(Photos via Justin K. Aller/Getty + Thomas Lohnes/Getty)