Oh, Urban Decay — we love your bold, bright take on makeup and live for your cheekily-named products. Your epic eyeshadow palettes give our eyes unparalleled definition + dimension and for that, we are forever grateful. If you’re a proclaimer like us, then you probably also can’t wait to get your hands on the upcoming holiday launch of the makeup brand’s latest eyeshadow palette, Vice 4.


From what we can gather from a pic shared on Instagram by Urban Decay founding partner Wende Zomnir, the palette will likely feature 20 of some of the brightest shades we’ve ever seen in one place. It’s not just all flash, it’s organized in a smart way, too. With color families grouped together, it takes the guesswork out of which hues to pair together when shading, highlighting and accenting. Thanks to the swatches in the pic, we can guess that some of the most eye-catching shades in the palette might include a shimmery, grassy green, a deep navy (that would work well as a colored eyeliner), a coppery brown, an in-your-face purple, a bright raspberry and a set of four shades that are perfect for achieving a smoky eye.


Obviously, this palette is your go-to for any major event makeup — think: epic nights out, NYE or even for Halloween. But to make this palette really worth it (the current version of the Vice palette comes in at $60, so we assume this one will run you about the same), you’ll also need it to work for everyday makeup too. That’s where B+C makeup artist Misty Spinney comes in — we tapped her for five wearable ways to DIY your makeup with this beyond bold palette.


1. Colorful smoky eye: Get creative with this palette and use some of the fun colors to create a super eye-catching smoky eye with these tips. The deep plums would work nicely for this look!

2. DIY vibrant liquid liner: Wet your brush to create a deep, pop of color eyeliner for a really playful take on traditional black. Feel free to mix and match to create an entirely *new* shade, too.

3. Ombre-style eyeliner: By using gradient-style colors (like dark purple, blue and light teal), you can rock an ombre eyeliner look that’s trendy and pretty.


4. Mixed metal holiday look: Since this palette launches near holiday season, consider using it to create a mixed metal holiday look with the golds, coppery-orange, bronzes and deep browns.

5. Next-level bridal look: Believe it or not, the neutrals are shimmery + punchy enough (even though they’re neutrals) to make a perfect bridal makeup look. You can add a bit of color with subtle liner.

What are your favorite bold colors from the new Vice 4 palette? Share your faves in the comment section below.

(h/t Bustle; photos via @udwende + @urbandecaycosmetics; featured photo via @udwende)