We don’t know about your moms, but ours were all over the wallpaper trend in the ‘80s (replaced by bold red walls in the ‘90s –– yikes.). We’re happy to report: The trend is back.

And while we hate to be killjoys, the reality is: Wallpaper is expensive and a huge commitment. Lucky for you, none of that matters in this roundup, where we’re rolling out affordable DIY projects just for little old you.

1. Desk: Okay, maybe not everyone has a super cool, super old-school desk in their house, but chances are, you have a desk. Give it a facelift by covering it in luxe wrapping. (via Brit + Co.)

2. Bookcase: No matter if you use your shelves to display a collection of first editions, your numerous trophies, or the odds and ends you’ve gathered up throughout life, they should be framed in the most eye-catching way possible. (via Marika Meyer Interiors)

3. Coasters: Finding a good coaster is surprisingly hard. Like they say, if you want something done right, do it yourself. (via The Thinking Closet)

4. Wreath: The holidays may be done and gone, but this wreath is neutral enough to rock all year long. (via Style At Home)

5. Table Runner: Forget filling your closet or cupboards with runners and linens that you only use once a year. Order a roll of wallpaper and update your look at each and every dinner party. (via Kate’s Creative Space)

6. Animal Silhouettes: Dutch designer Inke Heiland did it. (S)he (we couldn’t confirm) went and made wallpaper totally adorbs. (via Kaylee Webster Designs)

7. Cake Topper: Aww yeah. You guys have seen this loop through Brit + Co. in our recent cake topper roundup, and we’re mentioning it again. Really, how could we not? (via One Charming Party)

8. Decorative Lampshade: Wall coverings are lovely and scary at the same time, we get it. This is a way to try it out on the sly. (via One Kings Lane)

9. Tempting Table: The quickest and cheapest way to update your breakfast nook? A patterned table. (via Style At Home)

10. Stairs: Elevate your daily climb with splashed out raisers. We’re all about the stair art. (via House To Home)

11. Cabinet Door Panels: This tutorial is in Finnish (say what?!?!), but we have a feeling you’re smart enough to figure out the process on your own. (via Unelmien Talo & Jakoti)

12. Molding Framed: If this isn’t a look Coco Chanel would put in her Paris apartment, we don’t know what is. (via Maison 21)

13. Ceiling: No matter if you’re reclining on your couch pondering life or lying in your bed getting ready for a little shuteye, when you look up, you’re going to want to see an installation like this. (via Decor Advisor)

14. Dresser Drawer Liners: We see this fitting in at your little cabin in the woods (you know the one). Say what? You don’t have one of those? Grab a different style and give your underwear drawer a frilly look worthy of the garments. (via In This Little Yellow House)

15. Tray: This DIY is enhanced when you convince someone to bring you breakfast in bed. Just sayin’… (via My So Called Crafty Life)

16. Door Panel: If you have a secret lair, please don’t attempt this. It beckons, come on in. (via Style At Home)

17. Waste Basket: If we see one more boring metal mesh garbage can in the world, we just might die. A bit dramatic? Maybe, but this easy hack hardly leaves excuse for the standard look. (via Chez Larsson)

18. Wall Art: Known truth: Art is expensive… except when it isn’t. (via Wallpaper Review)

19. Cardboard Playhouse: Even if you don’t have kiddos, we think this is something everyone needs in their house. We’re serious. (via A Beautiful Mess)

20. Gift Bags: There are DIY wrapping paper tutorials galore. But don’t worry, little gift bag. We’re overlooking you no longer. (via Oh Happy Day)

21. Wall Mosaic: We love this look. Love it. Just make sure you have a good ruler, X-acto knife, and an eye for straight lines before you proceed. (via Laura Ashley)

22. Matchboxes: Strike it hot with these primped matchboxes. They’re good gifts or just nice to leave in the bathroom. (via Morning Creativity)

23. Embellished Clipboards: Okay, unless you’re a middle school gym teacher or a wedding planner who hasn’t heard of an iPad, your need for clipboards might be few and far between. But we’re thinking they make for cute art in your workshop as a real life Pinterest board! (via Mitzi’s Miscellany)

24. Wall Hanging: You found wallpaper that you absolutely love, but that $200 per roll price tag isn’t sitting very pretty with your pocketbook. Solution? Splurge for one roll and make a wall hanging. Bonus: No bubbling possible! (via Ninja Diva)

25. Tin-Can Covered Pencil Holders: Let’s just say this hack will be making its way to Brit + Co. desks in the very near future. (via Marisa Howard Design)

26. Wallpaper Shelves: Whether in your office, kitchen, or garage, these decked out shelves are an easy way to add color to any room. (via Martha Stewart)

27. Headboard: Got an old shabby headboard that’s giving you a headache? Wallpaper that sucker and rest with ease. (via Better Homes & Gardens)

28. Dollhouse: Believe it or not, this is a bookshelf. Just add wallpaper, and Barbie’s Dreamhouse? You can go ahead and eat your heart out. (via Belle Bébés)

29. Window Shade: We considered including this light saver in our recent curtain roundup, but we just had to save the look. Really, wallpaper hardly gets more chic than this. (via Martha Stewart)

Which looks are you pasting to your Pinterest? Let us know in the comments below!