We thought New Year’s Eve was the most popular night to pose the question, “Will you marry me?” But turns out, we were wrong. Christmas Eve is the big question-popping day, meaning there’s lots of newly engaged couples out there with lots of nuptial bliss on their minds –– the most blissful of all being cake. Specifically, what tops that cake. Lucky for all you lovers, we’ve found scads of options worthy of your wedding day.

1. Glitter Monogram: This just in: Monogram cake toppers don’t have to induce eye rolling. This whimsical creation just proved it. (via This Little Street)

2. Wallpaper Wonder: In wedding world, things aren’t cheap. It’s a rule. But this topper is breaking that rule: It will cost you next to nothing to execute. Just grab wallpaper samples and get cutting and glueing. (via One Charming Party)

3. Easy Geometric Shapes: Hexagons, they’re the new square. We’re hip with that. (via Julep)

4. Canoe with Pet ($205): A customized piece of wood made in your likeness? If that doesn’t float your boat, we don’t know what will.

5. Oh Deer ($138): Will we ever get over our woodland-animal obsession? Probably not. And we hope someone out there is having an enchanted forest wedding and can put these two to good use.

6. Sparkling Star ($65): We see this twinkling atop a confection at a white winter wedding. Yeah, that’d probably be pretty stellar ;)

7. Tim Burton Inspired ($360): If you’re a couple who watches Corpse Bride and A Nightmare Before Christmas on the regular, you’re going to need this uber customized topper. Send maker Matylda Biedron a photo of your bouquet and hair inspiration, and she’ll make sure every peony and piece of hair is in place.

8. Banner ($15): Simple, cute, and you can’t go wrong with that price tag. Plus, you can have pretty much any phrase your little heart desires written on it.

9. Robotic Love ($85): Nerds! Look! Love!

10. Chalkboard Calligraphy ($36): We’re totally saying “I Do” to classic daintiness.

11. Lovebirds Pom Pom ($70): Your image as you’ve always wanted to see it –– in peg people form.

12. Je T’aime Cake Topper ($44): Got a mean case of francophilia? We feel ya. Bonus: You can repurpose this for V-Day… or anyday really.

13. Lovers ($35): In case you think any guest might be confused, a cake topper clearly explaining the situation is a good idea.

14. Hand Painted Flower Garland ($55): Solstice brides… this one is for you.

15. Balloons & Bunting ($225): You’re giving an audible aww right now aren’t you?

16. Bear Hug ($138): Dancing, fighting, hugging –– we’re not sure what these big lovable oafs are doing, but they seem to capture all the passion of a relationship.

17. Golden Geometry: What do you guys think? Do we need to DIY this up with a tutorial? Yes, I think we do. (via Wedding Chicks)

18. Crescent Moon: We’ve always wanted to be invited to a Gatsby-themed 1920s wedding and so has this paper moon. (via Urban Comfort)

19. Glitter Hearts: You better believe ours is going pitter patter for these. (via The Paper Pony)

20. Ombre Garland: Will ombre ever stop being pretty? The answer is no. (via Oh Lovely Day)

21. Party Flags: Put the flags out! This is one glittery, glitzy affair, and this topper is there to wave you on home. (via Something Turquoise)

22. Happily Ever After ($50): You guys. Your day is going to be a fairy tale. It really is. So give it the expected and proper ending.

Which topper is tops in your opinion? Let us know in the comments!