If you鈥檙e over, say, 22, it鈥檚 just not cool to serve cocktails in Dixie cups. Like most aspects of adulting, your entertainment game is going to need to upped. And that鈥檚 where bar carts come in. Classy, retro, and surprisingly practical, a bar cart can hold all of your drink-making supplies so you can whip up refreshing cocktail recipes in a jiffy. It can even hold the food supplies you need for edible cocktail garnishes. But if you鈥檙e short on space (or furniture funds), an all-out bar cart might not be in the cards鈥 And that鈥檚 where vertical bar carts come in.

Instead of using a traditional cart, create a cocktail-making space that goes UP. It not only looks super cool, it鈥檚 extremely apartment-friendly and space-saving. You can get pretty creative. Shelves make for fantastic vertical bar material, as do vintage ladders painted in the color of your choosing.

Once you鈥檝e selected a shelf-like apparatus for creating your space, it鈥檚 time to deck it out with the essentials. Display your liquor and wine bottles (obviously) alongside sparkly glassware, an ice bucket, some fresh fruit (especially garnishes and lemons and limes for a twist!)鈥 Some table books about cocktail-making and wines would also add a nice touch.

We also love the idea of adding a thirst-quenching display of sparkling mineral water. It adds an element of class, don鈥檛 you think?

And like we said, this look is great for saving space. So if you want to multitask by placing the 鈥渂ar鈥 above an existing piece like a buffet table, cabinet, or desk, that will work perfectly.

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(Images via The Everygirl, Apartment Therapy, Decor Pad, and I Heart Organizing.)