Whoever decided that alcohol consumption should be deferred to a post-five o’clock glass of Chardonnay was a serious underachiever. There are so many light and refreshing cocktails that just beg to be enjoyed on a lunch (or breakfast) date. Plus, no brunch party or Sunday Funday is complete without a bevy of fancy bevies. Whether you’re having the perfect picnic in the park or you just want a cocktail while you do your spring cleaning, these 14 refreshing cocktails are going to make your afternoons *much* more enjoyable. Feel free to throw in a floral ice cube or two for good measure.


1. Blackberry Vodka Tonics: In general, vodka tonics are decidedly un-sweet, which makes them ideal for early drinking. This version uses homemade blackberry-infused vodka for a little extra tartness. Garnish with a few frozen blackberries to keep your drink cold without watering it down. (via Life as a Strawberry)

A blood Orange & Rosemary Martini with egg white foam

2. Blood Orange Martini: The secret ingredient to the luscious foam on top of this martini is none other than whipped egg whites. Since it contains orange juice AND egg whites, that means we can have it for breakfast… right? (via Little Sugar Snaps)

bruleed lemon sour

3. Brûléed Lemon Sour: Sometimes you need to blow off work and sip sours on the patio with your BFF’s. If you serve this cocktail, you get to show off your bartending skills and that torch you’ve been wanting to use. Send everyone home with a batch of homemade sour mix and revel in your new domestic goddess title. (via Boxwood Avenue).


4. Cranberry Pear Prosecco Cocktail: A Champagne cocktail that’s NOT a mimosa? Yes, please. Tart cranberry and sweet pear nectar balance out this tall glass of bubbly. If you’re showering a soon-to-be bride, this would be a sweet cocktail for her morning wedding shower. (via A Dish of Daily Life)


5. Grapefruit and Cucumber-Infused Cocktail: Talk about a refreshing way to kick off the day. Cucumber-infused vodka and fresh grapefruit juice give this cocktail a spa-like quality that is essential for any girls’ day in. Top off with a splash of sparkling water for a little bit of fizz. (via Hey Modest Marce)


6. Gin and Tonic in Pimm’s Style: If a gin and tonic is your go-to bar drink, this fresh take on it will be your favorite day drink. It’s loaded with fresh fruits like plums, oranges and limes, with lemonade tonic water as the mixer. Just imagine yourself laying poolside this summer with a whole pitcher to yourself. (via Sandhya’s Kitchen)


7. Lemon Chamomile Spring Cocktail: The combo of bright citrus and delicate floral notes in this cocktail screams springtime. It’s not too heavy on the alcohol, so there’s no need to worry about an afternoon hangover. Egg white, yogurt and lemon curd create a creamy and velvety texture that makes it more like a light dessert than a drink. Bonus! (via Honestly Yum)


8. Grapefruit, Thyme and Elderflower Cocktail: Simplicity is key when it comes to mixology. With just a few yummy ingredients, you can create a wonderful drink that’s light *and* refreshing. Which is just what you want when you’re enjoying a drink (or two) with lunch ;) (via The Girl on Bloor)

iced-coffee with rum

9. Iced Coffee With a Splash of Rum: Some days it’s difficult to choose between your morning coffee and hard liquor. If you’re relaxing at home or on a staycation, why not have both? It all starts with the *ultimate* iced coffee, sweetened with condensed milk and spiked with a shot of rum. This will definitely become a new weekend ritual. (via Eating Well 101)

Limoncello Tom Collins

10. Limoncello Tom Collins: This vintage-inspired cocktail switches the traditional gin for vodka and adds limoncello for even more bright lemon flavor. Beware, these are so light and refreshing that you may just forget you’re drinking a cocktail. (via Cupcakes and Hammers)


11. Mixed Berry Margarita: Fresh berries give this margarita a sweet and tart flavor that’s meant for enjoying in the afternoon sunshine. You can blend all of the ingredients together for a great frozen marg, or serve on-the-rocks with a few extra berries to garnish. (via Cake-N-Knife)

Pico Sour

12. Frozen Pisco Sours: Cocktails that let your blender do all of the work are definitely lazy-girl approved. Plus, you can easily adjust the amounts depending on if it’s just you or you’re serving a group of friends. Egg whites give this sour its frothy texture, but you could leave it out if you desire a more slushy-like margarita drink. (via A Beautiful Mess)


13. Red Russian With Rosemary Simple Syrup: Infusing herbs into simple syrup is a great way to use them in a cocktail. It allows the essence to impart your drink with flavor without being too overbearing. Rim your glass with a sugar/salt combo and finely chopped rosemary for a unique twist. (via Superman Cooks)


14. Rosemary Gimlet: This light and drinkable gimlet is perfect for afternoon garden sipping. Serve in a vintage coupe glass for a drinking experience that’s right out of The Great Gatsby. (via The Stiers Aesthetic)

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