We’re all totally aware that the Victoria’s Secret yearly fashion show is all about super sexiness and lavish luxury. Really, why just wear a bra when you can wear one laden with millions of dollars worth of diamonds, amirite?! But the glitter doesn’t just start sparkling the moment the ladies step onto the runway. In fact, the prep itself is full of extravagance that we didn’t even know existed. One example is the 24-karat gold face mask treatments the 2016 Angels are enjoying, and we have the deets that will have you wanting one too.

Yep, you read that right! The face mask treatment that many of the models are indulging in this year to attain truly glowing skin for the big day is all about the gold. 24-karat gold, to be exact.

Costing $300 for three treatments (though only $220 if you nab it on sale right now), the gold leaf sheet mask from Mimi Luzon not only promises to provide skin with immediate lift and radiance, but it also gives you the opportunity for some pretty snazzy Instagram pics.

A “unique combination of a corrective anti-wrinkle mask with gold leaf,” it contains “a blend of cell-renewing ingredients” while being enriched with natural ingredients such as peach extract, red tea, coenzyme 10 and Hyaluronic acid for added moisture.

The golden leaf is meant to be laid on top of the corrective mask, and Mimi claims it optimizes the overall effect. However effective it may be, it still looks pretty darn glitzy.

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(h/t People)