Next up in our series on all things registry, we’ve teamed up with Target Wedding Registry to serve up a whole bunch of vintage gift ideas… that are actually brand new!

Whether you’re looking for a timeless pitcher, tray or other piece of decor, old school design can definitely be where it’s at. But, going antiquing is way easier said than done and tends to be hit or miss. Lucky for you (gift-giver or newlyweds-to-be), we’ve taken it upon ourselves to collect a handful of vintage-inspired items straight from Target. Woot!

This nostalgic collection coincides beautifully with our latest Weduary theme, dubbed Vintage Romance. If you’re getting married in the near future and still don’t have a website, then you definitely need to check out Weduary! You can create a beautiful, social website and integrate your entire registry right into your site.

Now, onto the gift ideas and registry must-haves!

1. Aqua Blue Pitcher ($13): This beauty combines emerald green with gold in a timeless way. We can imagine mixing up a fresh batch of lemonade in this pitcher on a hot summer day — and obviously spiking it ;)

2. Luigi Bormioli Michelangelo Cake Plate With Dome ($50): You might think cake baking is old school, but there’s still something special about whipping up a homemade dessert and presenting it in a formal cake dome.

3. Solid Ironwall Clock ($40): This colorful clock is like a hypercolor version of the types of clocks we remember from grade school. This would look great in a kitchen or workspace.

4. Nate Berkus Gold Swingline Stapler ($16): Okay okay, we realize it is semi-ludicrous to suggest a stapler as a wedding gift but… it’s a GOLD stapler. How could we not share it?!

5. Room Essentials Marquee Arrow ($10): You might want to grab a few of these before the wedding — it would make for fun signage moments throughout your event.

6. Colorful Condiment Caddy ($12): Who knew condiment caddies could actually be attractive? This makes us want to go on a picnic… now.

7. Nate Berkus Gold Mirrored Tray ($35): Is it absurd to describe a tray as disco era?

8. Room Essentials Gooseneck Desk Lamp ($10): You’ve seen a desk lamp like this before, and you’ve probably owned one. Well, the classic gooseneck light is back and now, in full color!

9. Young House Love Vintage Key Rail ($13): Love the mint hue of this key rail.

10. Yellow Metal Decorative Basket ($13): One can never have too many bins, baskets and other means of organization. So why not make sure they look good, too?

11. Oh Joy! Tiffin Meal Box Carrier ($18): You’ve seen this on our site before, and you’ll probably see it again. We just love this modern update to a seriously old school classic.

12. Vertigo Framed Poster ($80): Target’s teamed up with to offer a whole bunch of interesting wall art. Our fave finds are definitely the vintage movie posters, like this one from Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo.

13. Libbey Moonshine 8 Piece Drinkware Set ($26): And now you officially have an excuse to make your own moonshine. You’re welcome.

14. KitchenAid 5-Speed Hand Mixer ($40): If you’re not up for the full-on stand mixer, go for this handheld option instead!

15. Round Fruit Print Serving Tray with Handles ($15): Like bins, trays are our BFFs in the organization department. This would look lovely atop an ottoman that doubles as a coffee table.

16. Nate Berkus Yellow Metal Frame ($15): Finally, a frame always makes a great gift for newlyweds. They’ll have so many brand new pictures to frame after the big day.

What’s on your registry list? Do you have a wedding website? Talk to us in the comments below.

This post is a collaboration with Target Wedding Registry.