When you’re planning your wedding, the wedding decor options are limitless. From arches full of peonies to French couture, there’s no real way to go wrong. But when florists like Studio Choo, or its just-as-savings-draining stiletto cousin, Jimmy Choo, don’t fall within your budget, we’ve got an easier option: Go vintage. By adding vintage pieces that you or your friends and family already own, you can have a unique, personal and cost effective-wedding that’s picture perfect. Scroll on for 17 chic ways to add vintage charm to your big day.


1. Your Mom or Grandma’s Wedding Dress: Follow the tradition of “something borrowed” by repurposing your mom or grandma’s wedding dress. You can have a seamstress refit their dress for you, or have a tailor repurpose the fabric to create something new, like this necklace. (via Melanie Maxwell)


2. Vintage Mirror: Grab the old mirror that’s been collecting dust in the back of your closet and use it to welcome guests, display the dinner menu or share your wedding #hashtag for Instagram pics. (via Mirelle Carmichael)


3. Vintage Seating: If you’re having an intimate backyard wedding with a small guest list, a mix of chairs from different vintage designers makes for a whimsical ceremony. Talk about mixing it up! (via Ryan Ray Photography)


4. Vintage Lace Bunting ($43): You can DIY or buy pieces of vintage lace to create a lace bunting. It’s an easy and delicate way to dress up the setting and show off that tablescape.


5. Collection of Old Books: Book nerds have the sweetest centerpieces sitting on their bookshelves. Grab your cutest books from your collection, and get ready to make a little library out of your reception seating chart. (via Ananda Lima)

ring book

6. Your Favorite Romantic Book: For a unique way to show off your wedding bands, DIY a ring ‘pillow’ made from your favorite book. Simply cut out a heart-shaped hole in the middle of the pages for a sweet and chic ring holder. (via Megan W Photography)


7. Vintage Vanity: An ol’ vintage vanity from your home will make just as great a dessert or book signing table. Dress it up with flowers and garlands, and it’s good to go. (via B.Loved)


8. Old Picture Frames: Display your wedding schedule or program in beautiful, painted frames. All you need are some vintage frames and spray paint, and voila — you’ve got an amazing ceremony display. (via Adam Alex)

Tea ware

9. Vintage Tea: Use vintage tea sets as vases for the reception. You’d only need a few flowers to fill them up, saving you money and creating the perfect atmosphere for a post-nuptial brunch. (via Kayla Adams & Co.)


10. Vintage Suitcase: Whether you’re having a travel-themed wedding or going for a whimsical, rustic style, vintage suitcases can help spice up your decor. Use suitcases as containers for the post-ceremony petals, photo booth props, flowers, wedding programs, favors and so much more. (via Pete Cranston)


11. Vintage Ring Boxes: Show off your engagement ring and wedding bands with vintage ring boxes. You can even ask your wedding photographer to snap a photo of your parents and grandparents’ rings to show off the entire family line of wedding jewelry. (via Paris Boutique Hotel)


12. Old Family Photos: Celebrate the marriages of all those before you by displaying the wedding photos of your family from past generations. (via Lakshal Perera)


13. Vintage Tablecloth: Have fabric at home? Vintage fabrics can be used as tablecloths and table runners for the reception. Tulle or organza is especially beautiful when layered over a plain tablecloth. (via KT Merry)


14. Vintage Keys: Find vintage keys in thrift stores or peruse Etsy and eBay for them, and then transform them into easy and effortless escort cards. (via Aaron Shintaku)


15. Vintage Dining Chairs: If you’re having a small brunch or tea party after the ceremony, use vintage chairs of all shapes and sizes to create a lovely mix for your reception. (via Gianny Campos)


16. Apothecary Centerpieces: Rather than have your florist provide vases for floral arrangements, set your party tables with apothecary jars full of flowers or little terrariums. (via Jen Huang)


17. Old Childhood Photos: Use your favorite childhood photos with the table number corresponding to the age of the future Mr. and Mrs. in the photo. (via Hyer Images)

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