Augmented reality headsets and Google Glass have us seeing so far into the future we almost forgot how pretty the past can be. There once was a time when you had to actually call friends if you wanted to hang out, and nobody was photographing every meal they consumed (hard to believe, we know).

Perhaps the greatest memento from social media’s prehistoric era? Records. Nothing sends you back in time like the gentle scratch of a needle followed by the kind of sound quality iPhone headphones can only dream of. Enter Vinylize — a company that combines vinyl with eyes! #highfiveforpuns

Record players have certainly made a bit of a comeback, but they’ll always be a novelty now more than anything. So what happens to all this old vinyl collecting dust? Well, you could get your hands on some and make a clock or a set of coasters. Or you could make like Vinylize and go the eyewear route. #WINNING

For you vinyl enthusiasts freaking out right now, don’t worry, these guys aren’t cutting up Elvis Presley’s debut album. The first series they made were from communist records salvaged from Budapest flea markets. Vinylize still receives a lot of old Hungarian records, but also uses unsold vinyl from labels and discs that were damaged during pressing but can still be used to make frames.

Naturally, vinyl can be very temperature-sensitive. The company screens all the records they use to ensure they’re at least 2mm thick. Then the material is laminated with acetate to ensure it keeps its shape and won’t become deformed or cracked. After the two have been bonded together, the record is cut into smaller rectangles and then milled into frames.

The site only sells their 10 most popular styles online, but there are plenty more if you seek a Vinylize vendor out in person. If one of your personal records meets their vinyl requirements, you can also send it in to have a custom pair made. At €377 (about $488) this is by no means the most affordable eyewear option on the market, but I mean c’mon! It’s made out of RECORDS!

What’s your take on these vinyl lenses? Would you splurge on something like this? Tell us below!