Not everyone has the means to listen to records anymore, but that doesn’t mean they’re getting tossed by the wayside anytime soon. Records are timeless, and they’ll live on even after their musical purpose has come to an end. Merely hanging a record on your wall makes a hip decoration. But you can be more creative than that! Here are 15 other ways to amp up the cool in your home, at your party and even in your wardrobe.

1. Vinyl Bowls: These bowls were crafted for a music-inspired wedding. They’re stylish enough to complement decor of any soiree or to use any old day of the week. (via Junebug Weddings)

2. Butterflies Wall Decor: These beauties are surprisingly easy to make. Just trace, cut and melt your record and let the vinyl do the rest. (via Thread Sense)

3. Broken Record Ombre Wall Art: This is one hip, decorative way to remind yourself… don’t be a broken record. (via Tattooed Martha)

4. DIY Record Side Table: All you need is a record and glue and you’ve upgraded your table a billion on the totally rad scale. Yes, that exists. (via The Flourishing Abode)

5. Star Clock ($40): Maybe this one is a little hard to hack at home, but send your favorite scratched up records to Mr. Jeff Davis, and we’re sure he’d be happy to make a clock for you. (via Vinylux on Etsy)

6. DIY Vintage Cake Plate: This project cleverly uses acrylic siding so each plate layer is easier to clean. It also allows you to switch out the records to match whatever the theme of the party is. Cool. (via Oh Happy Day)

7. Decorative Lamp: Recreate this artwork at home with your own lamp and tons of old vinyl. (via Design Like)

8. Purse: A vintage dress and an abandoned record are a match made in heaven. The only not-vintage part of this bag are the handles, which you can pick to match your own style. (via Andi B. Goode)

9. Picture Frame: This frame will make anyone’s photo look cool. Not that yours needs it. (via Vat 19)

10. Bookends ($17): Coordinate your music with your book genres with these bookends. They’re perfect to liven up a study or office. (via When The Music’s Over)

11. Gift Box Decoration: This record became a cute photo frame and makes a box of chocolate more sentimental. Add your own touch to a record atop any card or any gift. (via Home Trends)

12. Coasters ($28): We feel like records wouldn’t mind if this was to be their fate. (via The Gifted Man)

13. Earrings ($17): Got a certain shape of earring you’re after? This artist takes special requests and can turn any piece of vinyl into the look of your dreams. (via Les Creations d’Ana)

14. Faces Artwork: This artwork is a bit intense, but also totally awesome and unique. (via That’s Like Whoa!)

15. Laser Cut Clocks: Pavel Sidorenko crafts any shape out of old records. On top of that, he turns them into functional clocks. Impressive. (via Pavel Sidorenko)

Which repurposed vinyl look fits your space? Tell us which ones are making you spin in the comments below!