It鈥檚 your big day 鈥 it鈥檚 *the* big day 鈥 your wedding day! Months and months and months of prep have gone into planning to ensure this special day goes off without a hitch, so you can fully take it all in as the blushing bride you are. It鈥檚 nice to feel in control and all, but sweating the small stuff can totally take away from the beauty of the day. Let鈥檚 face it: There are some things that, inevitably, are out of your control on your wedding day, so it鈥檚 helpful to know what鈥檚 worth letting slide and what鈥檚 not. Owners of Phoenix-based event and floral company Bloom & Blueprint, Kate Mellow and Erika Edholm, gave us the advice on what wedding day nail biters all brides should just let go of for good. So take a deep breath (鈥e鈥檙e waiting!), and read on for the five things so not worth stressing over on your wedding day.


1. The Content of Speeches: Speeches are a huge part of wedding receptions. While they鈥檙e often heartfelt, sometimes, brides and grooms can be left feeling anxious at what will come out of their loved ones鈥 mouths. 鈥淭he best man may turn it into a roast or your mom may cry hysterically talking about how cute you were as a chunky baby, but it鈥檚 the thought that counts,鈥 Erika explained. 鈥淵ou can control who makes a speech, so create a list ahead of time and give it to your DJ (the master of ceremonies) so he/she can control who will and who won鈥檛 get the mic.鈥


2. Your Period: Let鈥檚 talk about periods, you guys. It鈥檚 part of a woman鈥檚 life and unfortunately, can be part of a woman鈥檚 wedding night too. 鈥淭his is like the elephant in the room of bridal talk. Unless you are on a controllable supplement to prevent a period, there is really nothing more you can do than embrace it,鈥 Erika said. Since this is something that鈥檚 totally out of your control 鈥 and something your husband should 100% understand at this point TBH 鈥 don鈥檛 sweat it either way. Just鈥 go with the flow.


3. Guests Who Weren鈥檛 Invited: 鈥淲ithout a doubt, you will receive RSVPs with plus ones (or plus kid, plus dog, plus babysitter, plus long-lost cousin) no matter how meticulously you address your invitations and make it clear,鈥 Erika explained. 鈥淚t鈥檚 just something that happens. You have two choices: You can make room for additional guests, or you can have that hard conversation with the guest about who was actually invited.鈥 Squeeze in extra space without too much fuss by going communal with your reception set up. Think: banquet tables and bench seating or a cocktail lounge.


4. The Weather: 鈥淎s a recent bride who got married on New Year鈥檚 Eve, I was surprised it was hailing in Arizona (whatttt?). I had to move my beautiful outdoor ceremony to a plan B location that was a little lackluster. With the help of your loved ones and vendors, your plan B location can look magical too,鈥 Kate said. 鈥淭hat said, I cried like a baby when I learned I had to move my event. No one tells you that it鈥檚 okay to be upset.鈥 The moral of the story? Always have a backup plan (and maybe a bin or two鈥檚 worth of access to DIY decor for last-minute decorating).


5. Your Emotions: Whether you consider yourself to be an emotional person or not, you can never know what to expect on your wedding day 鈥 it鈥檒l all up in the air until you take your first step toward your partner-for-life. 鈥淚鈥檓 a big cornball, so everyone expected me to be a blubber ball as I walked down the aisle, but a different sense of emotion came over me. I was so incredibly content that not one tear was present. You can鈥檛 control how this day will make you feel or how your emotions will play out. Embrace whatever feelings take you over on this day. Your heart will know exactly what to feel and why,鈥 Kate said. Basically, expect the unexpected and embrace it.

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