Tracking daily steps has become trendy and for good reason: It’s one of the easiest ways to walk yourself to even better health, which can translate into an abundance of creative energy and improved sleep, among other awesome benefits. So don’t let your activity tracker or new Fitbit go to waste. Instead try these expert tips and tricks that are guaranteed to make you move more without even realizing it!


1. Downsize the water bottle or mug you use at home or the office. Go for a walk to fill it up whenever it’s empty. If you aim to drink seven to eight glasses of water per day, you’ll get in plenty of extra steps while staying ultra-hydrated.

2. Become an early bird. Oakley Ambassador AJ Govoni suggests taking a six to seven minute power walk before your workout, or while waiting for your class to begin. For double duty, do the same at the end of class and you may squeeze an extra mile or more into your day!


3. Turn your coffee catch-up sesh into an opportunity to rack up steps. The hour you’d spend sitting is just as much fun when walking with a friend with a delish drink in hand.

4. Go shopping. Shopping is actually an amazing way to sneak in steps, says Janelle Nicolo, a WBFF Fitness Pro and Miss Universe trainer. She says to walk the perimeter of each store before going up and down the center aisles when visiting the mall. You could also spend a Saturday hitting up streets lined with boutiques and shops.

5. Shorten your commute. Turn your commute into an opportunity to take more steps by getting on and off the bus or train a few stops early. Who knows, you might discover some cool new stuff too!


6. Switch up your dinner dates. Instead of spending the entire night at a single stop, up the fun factor by choosing restaurants that are within walking distance of each other. Try appetizers at the first, the main course at the second, and dessert at the third. Shana Schneider, author of FitStyle Your Life, says that not only will walking between courses help sneak in steps, but it will also give you extra time to digest. Sounds like a total win-win.

7. Step up your couch potato game. Binge watching your favorite shows doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your daily step count – just have fun moving during each commercial break! Walk around the house or up and down the stairs until the show comes back on.

8. Skip the Google Chat for IRL chats. Whether you’re yelling through walls at home or ferociously Slacking with colleagues, be more purposeful about getting up to chat IRL. Do this a few times each day and watch your step count rise fast, says Boston-based personal trainer Courtney Cronin.

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