Whether you鈥檙e walking home late from the bar, getting into a taxi or rideshare alone or just going on a Tinder date, chances are you鈥檝e had that creeping, uneasy feeling that you might not be super safe ATM. Unfortunately, scary things sometimes happen. To keep you from walking around with your keys poking through your knuckles or keeping a death grip on your phone at all times, there are wearables and gadgets that make it easy to call for help with only the press of a button. We rounded up a slew of safety gadgets that act like personal alarm systems 鈥 and that just might give you peace of mind the next time you鈥檙e in a sketchy sitch.


1. Safelet ($79): By connecting to your phone via Bluetooth, this cuff-style bracelet can send an alarm to your selected 鈥済uardians鈥 with your location and instructions on what they should do. Also, as soon as you hit those buttons, Safelet starts recording and the police will receive a phone call with audio from the scene.


2. Safeti ($74 pre-order): This keyring is for more than just iffy situations. If you鈥檙e walking to the subway station late at night, you can click and hold to send your selected contacts your GPS location and a message letting them know you may run into some trouble. With rapid clicks, you鈥檒l receive a call from your 鈥渟ecurity concierge鈥 who will walk you through any dangerous situation you may be in. If need be, they鈥檒l contact the police. You can also give it to your kiddos or elders. They just press and hold to send you a text when they get to their destination or if they need help.


3. Cuff ($49): This gadget does a little bit of everything. You can transfer it from your bracelet to your necklace, and it keeps track of your fitness in addition to notifying you of important calls. But it makes this safety list because when you press it, friends and family instantly get an emergency alert with your coordinates and audio of what鈥檚 happening, so they鈥檙e fully informed on the issue and can get help to you right away. Talk about a buddy system.

PF Fob

4. Fob ($83): This beacon fits on your keyring and will track your whereabouts in case of emergencies. When you press and hold the SOS button for three seconds, your selected contacts will receive an alert message and your coordinates. Also, if your friends have Fobs, you can track them on your PFO Shield app, which could be great for traveling.


5. Artemis (starting at $49): For a more focused form of security, Artemis has a private security service on call. When you tap it three times, the security service sends police to your location and lets your loved ones know that you鈥檙e in danger. In case you鈥檙e worried that it didn鈥檛 work, the necklace will vibrate to signify that help is on the way in addition to providing a live audio feed to the security operator. If the bulbous statement necklace isn鈥檛 your style, you can go for the clip model, which can discreetly go on a bra strap or inside a pants pocket.


6. WaryBee:This wearable pendant takes your emergency network and expands it to anyone nearby. In addition to contacting your chosen friends and family if you鈥檙e in an emergency, using GPS, it also contacts anyone in the WaryBee system nearby. They鈥檒l even attempt to find you if you鈥檝e lost your phone.


7. Siren ($249): This gadget is the least techy one on the list, but boy does it make a bang鈥 a siren, actually. If you鈥檙e ever in a dangerous situation, just twist the top of the ring and a blaring siren echoes right from your finger to as far as 50 feet away. It alerts people nearby that you鈥檙e in trouble, but it also deters a possible attacker. It鈥檚 your own little personal alarm system that can make you feel a bit more at ease.


8. Guardian Angel (prices starting at $120): We鈥檝e all pretended to take a phone call to get out of awkward situations, but what about threatening ones? Guardian Angel is bracelet/necklace that you can tap to receive an actual call on your phone, allowing you to step away and call a real person to help you out of the situation or just leave the situation altogether. If you鈥檙e in more serious danger, just press and hold for three seconds, and, like with Cuff, your selected contacts with get a text with your location so they can send help.

Would you rock any of these safety gadgets? Let us know which ones are your favorites in the comments!