The perks of being a modern bride are plentiful (hello, Etsy!), but one of the best parts is the array of tech tools that make the planning easier, smoother and less stressful. Bridging the gap between busy couples and options for venues, vendors and guests is no easy task, but these tools are doing it with just a few clicks. While it’s become standard for tech-savvy couples to use Pinterest or official wedding hashtags, we’re sharing a few gems you might not know about.

1. Wedding Spot: The ultimate tool to stay organized and cost-efficient, Wedding Spot helps lock down the perfect venue with minimal time and effort. Search venues by location, style and a host of other filters, and let Wedding Spot price your favorites based on the estimated number of guests. It’ll even get you directly in touch with the venue’s wedding planners to view and book your spot. After you have the venue on lock, Wedding Spot can manage your guest list, print address labels and keep track of RSVPs.

2. Zola: Zola allows engaged couples to pick and choose wedding registry items without having to stick to one department store or brand. Plus, it allows for group gifting as well as giving of experiences, such as a private mixology class for two and a wild food walk. Zola features tried-and-true brands like Cuisinart and KitchenAid as well as emerging brands, so brides and grooms can stay on top of the latest innovations.

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3. Weddington Way: Trying to please both the bride and bridesmaids can be a tough task, but this online boutique has found a way. Weddington Way offers a heavily curated selection of bridesmaids’ dresses and accessories as well as ties for groomsmen, making it easy to shop for the entire bridal party. They even have personal stylists and an online showroom, so you can coordinate with your bridesmaids no matter where they live.

4. Wedding Party: Aptly known as “the app for your wedding,” Wedding Party bridges the gap between the couple and guests throughout the planning process and even after the wedding. Wedding Party collects all your wedding photos from guests and keeps everyone in the loop with up-to-date details. You can add schedules for all the big events, plus see a timeline of memories crowdsourced from your guests, so you can relive that perfect day through everyone’s eyes.

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5. Wanderable: Couples with wanderlust, meet your dream app. Wanderable allows you to create a registry for your honeymoon. Providing curated recommendations for trips, personalized registry pages and guest features like group gifting, Wanderable gives couples amazing options for the unforgetable journey after their wedding.

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Did you have a digital helper help you plan your wedding? Share your tech tips with us below!