The song a bride and groom chooses to walk down the aisle to is kind of a big deal. It sets the tone of the whole the wedding and will be a song that is near and dear to your heart and your guests’ heart for the rest of your lives. It’s your opening number, if you will. To find the song that’s right for you and yours, we’ve compiled a list of tunes for any type of bride and groom out there. Happy listening.

1. The Light Hearted Couple: An acoustic guitar, a double base and a drum — have your bridal party pick their favorite instrument, and it’s time to walk down the aisle to “Rhythm Of Love” by Plain White T’s. It’s bound to be a YouTube sensation.

2. Serious AcousticLovers: “First Day of My Life” by Bright Eyes is a great choice for couples looking for an alternative ditty with lots of feelings, and we think it’s a lovely way to start the first day of your married life.

3. Vintage Romantics: Get old school with your entire day’s look and feel. “At Last” sung by Etta James will transport your guests to another era.

4. The Day Dreamers: Picture a sunset ceremony with a tent of fairy lights… then, Noah and the Whale’s “Five Years Time” starts to play. Perfection.

5. The Fun Loving Couple: Get your guests in the mood for a good night (or day) ahead with this Motown classic, “Chapel of Love” by The Dixie Cups. If it’s good enough for a Father of the Bride montage, it’s good enough for us.

6. Long Time Lovers: For the couple that’s been together for a long time or who has had a crazy roller coaster ride before getting to their big day, a ballad like “Somewhere Only We Know” by Lily Allen won’t leave a dry eye in the house.

7. Straight Up Traditionalists: Nothing is more synonymous with a wedding than “Canon in D” by Pachelbel, aka The Wedding Song.

8. Dance Party Monsters: Who says you can’t start the party as soon as you step foot on that aisle runner? If you love to dance and were obsessed with the Home Depot engagement, then wiggle your hips and strut your stuff on your big walk with Betty Who’s “Somebody Loves You.”

9. Lovey Dovies: On a wedding day, there’s no limit to how many times the word LOVE can be said and heard. So go ahead and put “Love” by Matt White on repeat and walk on air down that aisle.

10. Folk Fans: Need to hear the twang of a banjo to calm your nerves? Great Lakes Swimmers is there for you with “Your Rocky Spine.”

11. Tear Jerkers: No matter if you’re hearing “Can’t Help Falling in Love” for the first or hundredth time, there will be tears. Ingrid Michaelson’s version is a gorgeous interpretation of Elvis Presley’s 1961 version from Blue Hawaii.

12. Hip Traditionalists: Want a modern song, but it doesn’t really seem right for your day? Try a re-appropriation! The Kings of Leon “Use Somebody” might seem way off with the words and the rocker vibe, but this melody and tempo performed by Vitamin String Quartet is perfect for a processional.

13. Indie-Rockers: Want to make an entrance fit for Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride? “Ever Lasting Light” by The Black Keys is the tune for your processional.

Have a song suggestion? Comment below with your pick.