Whether it’s scrambled eggs, strawberry crepes or a toaster waffle, there’s something undeniably decadent about being served breakfast in bed. That’s why it makes such a great gift and thoughtful gesture. If you are gearing up to serve a bedside feast, here are 30 breakfast in bed recipes that will provide some inspiration.

Breakfast in bed is not just about the food; it’s also about a person caring enough to plan, make and serve us while we are still relaxed from sleep and before we even get out of bed. Here are just some of the elements that can make breakfast in bed special:

  • Surprise. Wake up before your S.O. If he wakes up, tell him to go back to sleep; you are just looking for your book, magazine, glasses, etc.
  • Love. Heart shapes are a fun way to get your point across. Try a cookie cutter or freehand it with a knife. And a splash of red – say, strawberries or jam – and drizzle of chocolate will make the plate look decadent.
  • Presentation. Serve it Downtown Abbey style — either carry in a tray or pull a table up to the bed. A flower, folded napkin and cutlery will dress up your display.
  • Message. Place a poem or a small gift on the tray as an extra treat.
  • Alcohol. It will only take a dollop of champagne to transform that orange juice into a Mimosa or peach nectar into a Bellini. Add a teaspoon of Grand Marnier to the batter and your waffle, pancake or crepe becomes something special. Top it off with a twisted orange slice.
  • Romance. Maple syrup flavored kisses don’t have to lead anywhere, but if you are both in the mood, so much the sweeter.
  • Follow-through. The gift isn’t complete until you’ve done the dishes and made the bed. It tells your sweetheart “This day, it’s all about you.”

Over at Design Loves Detail, Amanda is cooking up some heart-shaped pancakes with heart-shaped strawberries.

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(Photo via Design Loves Detail)