Whether you planted tomatoes in your garden this summer or are a tote-toting regular at your local farmers market, you may be wondering what to do with all of the unripe, green fruit you’re bound to see at the end of summer. Sure, there’s fried green tomatoes, but there are a myriad of creative uses out there. Here we’ve gathered 19 delicious recipes to ensure that you’ll get the most out of the green tomato harvest!

Fried Green Tomato Benedict With Pimiento Cheese Hollandaise Recipe

1. Fried Green Tomato Benedict With Pimiento Cheese Hollandaise: Need we say more? This updated eggs Benny features layer upon layer of Southern-inspired flavors, a combination that’s sure to charm your taste buds to no end. (via F for Food)

Green Tomato Salsa Verde Recipe

2. Green Tomato Salsa Verde: Swap out the usual tomatillos for green tomatoes for an ingenious twist on classic salsa verde. (via Wonky Wonderful)

Blackened Shrimp and Fried Green Tomato Po'boy Salad Recipe

3. Blackened Shrimp and Fried Green Tomato Po’boy Salad: The flavors of your favorite Louisiana po’boy sandwich shine in this gorgeous salad drizzled with homemade remoulade dressing. (via Closet Cooking)

Gluten-free Green Tomato Pie Recipe

4. Green Tomato Pie (Gluten-free): To make this savory pie, green tomatoes are nestled in a gluten-free almond-meal crust topped with tangy goat cheese, making for a terrific late-summer dinner idea. (via Sprout and Pea)

Green Tomato Southwestern Panzanella Salad With Cilantro Lime Dressing Recipe

5. Green Tomato Southwestern Panzanella Salad With Cilantro Lime Dressing: An Italian classic gets a Southwestern (and gluten-free) makeover with this colorful recipe. (via She Likes Food)

Italian Green Tomato Pasta Sauce Recipe

6. Italian Green Tomato Pasta Sauce: Red, white and green? Yep, this green tomato pasta sauce may result in some double takes, but one bite along with a twirl of pasta is sure to satisfy any apprehensions. (via Courier-Journal)

Grilled Chicken Taco With Green Tomato Salsa Recipe

7. Grilled Chicken Taco With Green Tomato Salsa: If you have the same mindset that we have, there’s no such thing as too many taco recipes! This one features a smokey green tomato pico, lime-spritzed grilled chicken and crunchy cabbage. (via Ichigo Shortcake)

Green Tomato and Leek Frittata Recipe

8. Green Tomato and Leek Frittata: Go green at breakfast with this frittata featuring four forest-hued farmers market finds — green tomatoes, basil, leeks and chives. (via Cooking Books)

Fermented Green Tomatoes Recipe

9. Fermented Green Tomatoes: Preserve a summer’s bounty of produce with no more than salt and time, and you’ll have a stash of brightly flavored pickles to enjoy all winter long. (via Nourished Kitchen)

Grilled Green Tomato Tostadas With Black Beans, Avocado + Cilantro Recipe

10. Grilled Green Tomato Tostadas With Black Beans, Avocado + Cilantro: Tangy black bean salad, creamy avocado and smokey grilled tomatoes combine to top these satisfying, summery tostadas. (via Food52)

11. Braised Short Ribs With Pickled Green Tomatoes: But wait, there’s more! All of that good stuff is served with a creamy blue cheese polenta and garlicky braised chard to create a hearty, mouthwatering meal. (via Joanne Eats Well With Others)

12. Green Tomato Tartines: Enjoy these open-face sandwiches as a light, early fall dinner or appetizer. (via A Couple Cooks)

13. Summer Grilled Green Tomato Salad: Serve this gorgeous salad as a bright farewell to summer; an ideal dish to bring to a late-season potluck. (via Turmeric ‘n’ Spice)

14. Green Tomato Chili: Up the spice and green tomato quotient in this colorful pork chili by serving bowlfuls topped with a scoop of green tomato salsa. (via The Novice Gardener)

15. Savory Green Tomato Cobbler: Who could resist digging into this homemade cheddar biscuit-topped savory cobbler? Skew things toward breakfast or dinner with the addition of a fried egg or garden salad. (via Drum Beets)

16. Oven Fried Green Tomato Caprese: A fusion of fried green tomatoes and classic caprese, these stacks drizzled with a syrupy balsamic reduction are a terrific start to a meal. (via Diane, a Broad)

17. Smoky Lentil Tacos With Kabocha Squash and Green Tomato Salsa (Vegetarian): We’re loving this protein-packed, autumn-appropriate taco recipe that promises to be totally satisfying sans meat! (via Princess Tofu)

18. Green Tomato Galette: Fewer than 10 ingredients are required to create this gorgeous-yet-rustic galette. (via Corner Cottage Bakery)

19. Spiced Green Tomato Bundt Cake: Tomatoes. In a cake. If other fruits (and veggies for that matter) belong in sweet baked goods, why not these ones? (via My Diverse Kitchen)

Have you ever eaten green tomatoes? Do you have a go-to way that you enjoy preparing them? Let’s talk in the comments!