As Donald Trump gets ready to take office as the next President of the United States, plenty of people are worried about what this means for women鈥檚 issues, including IUDs and other methods of birth control (though it鈥檚 important to note here that not just women need to worry about these things 鈥 nonbinary people and trans men do, too!). That鈥檚 why folks are taking to Twitter to tweet about the importance of BC with a very apt hashtag: #thxbirthcontrol.

Spurred on by a question posed by Cosmo, people are answering, 鈥溾hat does birth control mean to you?鈥 Though the reasons vary, they鈥檙e all sincere, valid and worth a look for anyone who鈥檚 ever wondered about the importance of birth control.

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Planned Parenthood pretty much sums it up with鈥

And that鈥檚 why we should all have access to the best birth control for each of us, natch.

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