Warm weather, patios, flowers… anyone else thinking what we’re thinking? This would all be oh-so-slightly enhanced with a bottle of wine. But it seriously blows when you spring for a new-to-you wine and end up absolutely hating it (but obvi drinking it anyway). Enter Club W’s ingenious wine quiz that results in bottles delivered to your door.


Before you go reading up on vintages and regions and training your palette, cool your jets. This quiz won’t be asking you any snobby wine questions. It’s much simpler than that and filled with questions you should be able to answer, like “What kind of food do you like?” The quiz walks you through a series of pictures where you simply click on the food or scent that you know and love. The results will translate into a personal Palate Profile. Based off of your preferences, you’ll be shipped a box of wines to enjoy, along with recipe cards of recommended dishes for pairing with each bottle. When I took the quiz, I learned that I like a lot of rich flavor: I take my coffee black and love mushrooms.


A few days later I found a box filled vino sitting on my doorstep. Club W totally gets the need for variety in April, when who knows what’s going to happen with the weather — a little red for stormy nights, some white for grilling outdoors and some rosé for day drinking. I’ll take it! My particular picks were a sweet but light Pinot Noir I had never even heard of — Malvasia Bianca from Santa Barbara — and a delicious blush Zinfandel that my girlfriends all agreed went nicely with our rooftop dinner party. (Pink wine is always a good time, amirite?)

Learning what you like and getting a trio of grownup grape juice delivered to your door is all fine and dandy, but Club W’s real claim to fame is saving you money. They consider themselves a global winery, and partner with vineyards and farmers to make small batch wines at prices you would never find in a store. Each bottle is $13, or you can splurge for a curator’s choice for $14+. They boast one of the industry’s most carbon efficient supply chains, meaning that sustainability is a big priority. In fact, you can go right to the website to learn about the origins of the wine you receive. Tastemakers from all over the global are profiled along with the wines they create.


From start to finish, Club W makes sure you get a vino you love from origins you can feel good about. And when you’re sitting in the garden with your girlfriends sipping a chilled rosé, yeah, I think we can all drink to that.

Are you going to take the quiz? Let us know your results in the comments below!