Women have been using the birth control pill for so long now that not only are prescriptions on the way out, but it can even be ordered with an app the same way you get your Sunday night sushi fix.

But the long-awaited male birth control pill feels a lot like hovercars — a distant future promise that never actually delivers. While breakthroughs that make it seem like more and more of a reality keep happening, the latest development feels like another few steps back.

A new hormonal shot for men was actually found to be effective in preventing pregnancy, but trials had to be cut short after some men experienced side effects. What kind of side effects, you ask? Things like mood swings, acne, depression — SOUND FAMILIAR? A report has cited that 20 of the male birth control trial’s participants dropped out due to these “safety reasons.”

Some women are, rightfully, mad AF, as these are the same side effects women have always experienced, but for which the pill hasn’t similarly been nixed.

Others are simply at a loss for words.

Even some men have their tail between their legs on this one, realizing just how silly the whole thing sounds.

But the best way we can think to sum up men complaining about birth control giving them pimples is with a simple and perfect “LMAOOOOOO,” right along with Jenn Schiffer.

We can’t help but think that we’ve got a looooong way to go on this yet.

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(Photos via John Moore, Evening Standard / Getty)