With California offering over-the-counter birth control and prescription-free birth control also being an option — not to mention the long-awaited male birth control pill — taking control of your reproductive system is getting easier everyday. Access changes with evolving tech, and there now exists an app that will let you order your birth control with a few simple taps.


LemonAid Health is a health service that will help you with everything from UTIs to the flu, acne to erectile dysfunction, among other common (but totally sucky) issues. They also provide birth control easily if you need it and either don’t have a doc of your own or just don’t feel comfortable going anywhere else. Or perhaps you merely like the thought of easily ordering your pills online or need birth control NOW. Whatever your motivation, LemonAid has your back.

LemonAid health app

“We make it simple to get your next prescription for birth control,” the website explains. “Our doctors write 3-month prescriptions for over 100 brands of birth control pills. You need to know your blood pressure to answer our health questions. We’ll send your prescription to the pharmacy you choose. We can give you a refill or recommend a new pill.”

Keeping to health guidelines, this super fast service has a turnaround time of just two hours during business hours and merely 24 hours outside of business hours.

Check it out for yourself, and enjoy the benefits of keeping your breeding (or anti-breeding) under control.

DL It: Free on iOS and Android

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