With Plan B emergency contraception for sale over the counter and birth control available on demand in New York and California, it only seemed like a matter of time before birth control was also given without a doctor’s prescription. Just last week, California followed in Oregon’s footsteps to allow women to obtain birth control “over the counter.” You won’t find birth control in a CVS aisle — but a pharmacist can issue the prescription without a visit to your doctor. This obviously makes things more convenient, and proponents say it will cut down on unwanted pregnancies.

birth control pill packet

According to LA Times, the law passed back in 2013 in California but was delayed by regulatory discussions until Friday. The law covers birth control including pills, patches, injections and vaginal rings, but a doctor will still need to issue IUDs since their insertion requires a procedure.

In a Q&A published Friday, LA Times explained that there is no age requirement for the prescription, and the pharmacist will begin by taking your blood pressure and then ask you to fill out a questionnaire to determine which type of birth control is best. The pharmacist will also explain the side effects and remind you of important health screenings (e.g., cervical cancer).

We look forward to seeing if other states follow California’s law in the near future!

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(h/t LA Times; photo via Getty)