Fact: Wood will always be in style. This material is just naturally beautiful and always looks good no matter what style it’s incorporated into. Depending on how its treated and what it’s paired with, it can be made to look modern, rustic, classic, contemporary, fresh, and, if done right – hip and stylish! Don’t believe us? Read on, our friends!

 wooden shapes
– acrylic paint

paint pens

 – scissors

– painter’s tape

– electrical tape

– paint brushes

– hot glue gun

You can find wooden shapes at Michael’s Arts & Crafts (like we did), order them from Amazon, or order them from this amazing Australian based store that has a bevy of fun shapes including animals, signs, outer space objects, and just about anything you could imagine.

Start by using the painter’s tape and thin electrical tape to create geometric patterns on the shapes as a guide for painting. We did mostly really simple patterns, cutting shapes like diamonds and triangles out of the tape for a few of them. Press the tape down firmly and paint the exposed wooden part. Add polka dots to a few using the eraser end of a pencil. You may have to go back with two coats to get the perfect polka dots.

Choose a few of your favorite larger wooden shapes to create more complicated patterns. For example, on this elephant and rectangle we googled “tribal patterns” for inspiration on what kind of designs to make using the tapes. We even cut the tape into thinner strips on this one to make more detailed designs. After they dry, remove the tape and you get crisp designs that make you look like you have some mad paint skills.

While you are waiting for those to dry is a good time to create patterns on some of the wooden shapes using paint pens. The paint pens tend to “bleed” and run down the wood grain when you use them, so embrace this by drawing on patterns that also have this watercolor look. We decided to google “ikat patterns” for inspiration and drew our favorite ones.

Don’t they look awesome all together?

When you are happy with your designs, flip the wooden shapes over and hot glue a magnet onto the back of each one.

Now turn any metal surface into a work of art by placing your magnets on them.

To turn any surface into a magnet friendly canvas, simply put on a layer of on magnetic paint. Who knew that existed? You can even use that first as a primer, and then paint on whatever paint color you really want as the top coat.

What kind of wooden shapes will you use to make your magnets? Did you try any of the patterns you see here? Talk to us in the comments below!