Decorating your work space is always a little tricky. Even if you’re in one of the coolest offices in the world, you’ve gotta keep it approps. If it’s your creative home office you’re sprucing up, you’re free to decorate as you’d like, but you still have to make sure you’re not filling it with distractions (like Tumblr TV). In order to get your creative decor juices flowing, we’ve corralled a couple of things that walk the line perfectly.

fake swears book

1. Fake Swears by Knock Knock ($14): What better place to house a (sort of) swear word book than at work? The place where you really want to use those words every now and then but gotta keep it professional. Answer: there isn’t one. Plus, these gems will get some laughs out of your coworkers.

bkr bottle

2. Holiday bkr Bottle ($35): Hydration is key, and since you’ll probably keep this guy on your desk, it’s essential that it looks good while being super functional. This water bottle by bkr is the answer to your prayers. Fill it up eight times a day for max hydration, ladies and gents!

ipad stand

3. Brit+Co Tablet and Phone Stand Kit ($19): Especially if you’re dealing with a small space, this stand will keep everything neat and tidy. This trendy stand will also keep your electronic essentials safe from coffee spills.

cardbaord deer

4. Cardboard Safari DIY Cardboard Deer Bust Kit ($30): This little guy’s name is Bucky (how cute is that?!). He’s just waiting to be assembled and adorn your work space wall. He’ll earn you big style points, and make you smile a little bit every time you look at him. We promise.

jar garden

5. Modern Sprout Garden Jar Herb Kit ($54): One of the best ways we can think of decorating your work space is with window-sill-ready herbs that are the perfect garnish for your office lunches. This basil, mint and cilantro set will take your salads or leftovers from average to extraordinary.

hustle print

6. The Smitten Collection Hustle, Darling Print ($17): If productivity is an issue or you’re simply a fan of killer design, snag this pretty print, and hang it in your work space ASAP for some beautiful decor and motivation all in one.

stickey notes

7. Bando Sticky Notes Set ($12): We’ve got nothing against the traditional kind, but these sticky notes from Bando are really some next level stuff. Think about how great it will feel to plop that “I am very busy” note on something silly that you just don’t want to do.

get shit done notepad

8. Matters of Delight Get Shit Done To Do List Notepad ($8): You’ve gotta keep a to-do list, so use this hilarious notepad. Take it from the digital realm back into hard copy land. Laugh along the way because this notepad says in writing exactly what you’re thinking in your head.

chalk candle

9. Mine Design Chalkboard Soy Candle ($24): If you need some motivation, cover this soy candle in an inspiring quote. If you just gave a killer presentation, scribble yourself some congratulations. If you’ve got a sad cubicle mate, cover it in hearts and gift it to him to lift his spirits in a second. This candle does it all.

file box

10. Organization Essential Frisco File Box ($40): For organization lovers, this filing box is a gift from the gods. Its only purpose is to keep things tidy and to look good. If you avoid organizing like the plague, buying this pretty thing might be the motivation you need to get on it.

weekly calendar

11. Found by B+C Stick-Up Weekly Calendar ($10): Take everything a week at at time with this stick-up calendar that’s divvied up by week. The best part is that, since it’s not dated, you can pick it up at any time of the year and hit the ground running.

color block pen

12. Found by B+C Green Color Block Pen ($5): Even though so much of our life happens digitally, we’ve still gotta write every now and then. When that occasion arises, there’s no better way to make the most of it than with this glorious color block pen.

bubble print

13. Avril Loreti Bubbles Art Print ($20): Hey minimalists — this is the decor for you. This print is simple and whimsical in the way that only geometric bubbles can be. It’s sure to brighten up your work space as soon as it hits the wall.

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