We’ve been pretty darn excited about IKEA’s super shnazzy new bike, even including it on our list of nine trendy bicycles to ride on Bike to Work Day, though up until now it’s been a little difficult for US-based cruisers to jump in the saddle (or rather, on the bike seat). But that’s all changing, as the SLADDA bicycle is finally coming our way.


This particularly sleek commuter is IKEA’s first award-winning chainless, accessory-ready bike. And when we say accessories, we’re talking about awesome optional additions such as a basket, a back-wheel rack and little towing trailer that will totally allow you to personalize your ride for your particular needs.


A lightweight, aluminum-framed unisex bike suitable for anyone over the age of 12, the hip AF bicycle also has a corrosion-resistant drive belt that apparently lasts approximately three times longer than the average chain.

Not the cheapest pick on the rack, it’s still totally reasonable at $400 for IKEA FAMILY members and $500 at the regular price. And in just a few weeks, starting in February, both the SLADDA bikes and accessories will be available to purchase online at IKEA-USA.com, as well as in stores.

Ride on, friends!

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(Photos via IKEA)