Cycling gals, exercise-lovers and anyone who鈥檚 into stylish transportation will definitely want to check this out. Get ready to ride, IKEA-style! This summer you鈥檒l be able to jump on IKEA鈥檚 first award-winning (chainless, stylish and accessory-ready) bike, deemed the SLADDA.


Introduced as a lightweight, aluminum-framed unisex bike suitable for anyone over the age of 12, IKEA tells us that it was designed to require little maintenance while fitting into an 鈥渦rban lifestyle.鈥 The chainless SLADDA relies on a corrosion-resistant drive belt that apparently lasts approximately three times longer than the average chain.

The sleek white design also incorporates a 鈥渃lick system,鈥 which allows owners to add accessories (such as a basket, a back-wheel rack and little towing trailer) to make the bike truly individualized to each rider鈥檚 needs. Designer Oskar Juhlin likened it to 鈥渢ablet apps: You can add endless accessories to enhance ease of use.鈥 Coooool!

Unfortunately for us on this side of the pond, it looks like the bike will only be for sale in Europe for the time-being (in the range of $797), but we鈥檒l keep our fingers crossed that it makes its way over to our streets soon enough.

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(h/t Poppytalk, photo via IKEA)