Whether it’s the last few weeks of a hot and muggy summer or the freezing temps of winter, yardwork is rarely makes our fave chores list. Sure, the benefits of a gorgeous yard are amazing (hello, backyard soirees!), but crazy temps and bugs galore can be enough to make us procrastinate on those weeds forever. Thankfully, technology is coming to the rescue. Meet LANDroid, a robot that could make yard work obsolete.


Developed by Worx and touted as the “Roomba for lawns,” this robotic mower can complete menial jobs on a customizable daily schedule, all for $999. You can count on your new robot lawn servant to cut your lawn with a trio of blades that slice the top of the grass. The LANDroid is bagless and spreads the cuttings around to fertilize your grass, keeping it lush.


This compact machine weighs just under twenty pounds and is cordless. Its 28-volt Li-Ion battery takes an hour and a half to fully charge, giving it enough juice to take on 10,000 square feet of grass. The best part: When the battery is low, LANDroid automatically returns to its charging base, so you don’t have to hunt for it.

The mower comes with sensors for rain and shock that detect unexpected water and obstructions on your lawn. There’s even an anti-theft system and a loud alarm built in, so should someone try to steal your nifty tool, you’d definitely know.


A robot with blades might make you nervous, but the blades automatically stop spinning anytime the mower is lifted. And since the blades are nowhere near the edges, there is little-to-no chance of slicing a finger. Of course, it’s not quite perfect yet. Because of how the boundary is set, LANDroid does not trim edges, or any areas outside of the set perimeter. You’d have to do that yourself, so don’t hang up your gardening gloves just yet. We’re hoping that future editions of LANDroid tackle trimming, but for now, we’d be happy to find one of these under our tree come holiday time!

Would you have a robot do your yard work? Tell us why or why not in the comments below.

(Photos via Worx)