We’ve seen some pretty bonkers smartphone cases in our days — from ones in the shape of super-sized fries to a cover that *actually* has Barbie doll legs dangling from it. But save your WTF!! for this news: There’s now an iPhone cover you can buy that doubles as a hairbrush.

Called the YoBrush, the basic case features plastic bristles on the back that acts as an on-the-go paddle brush that will, theoretically, never again get lost in the bottom of your bag. Think about it: You always know where your phone is at any given time, but where oh where did that travel brush you bought last week end up? In your gym bag? In your office emergency beauty kit? Seriously, where did that darn thing go? With YoBrush, that search ends with your next Snapchat notification.

So we know what you’re thinking. Usually, you give a big two thumbs up to gadgets that streamline your beauty routine, but using YoBrush in public seems kiiiiind of like a Glasshole move. Here’s our rebuttal: Now more than ever, our smartphones act as our all-in-one digital vanity. They’re where we search for our beauty inspiration and even act as our mobile mirror when we’ve forgotten to pack a compact. Fess up guys, you’ve totally reverse cammed on your commute to touch up your lipstick, haven’t you? So what’s soooo different about swiping to the left and then swiping through your fly aways?

You tell us — would you use YoBrush? Or is this new gadget totally weird? Sound off in the comments below.