We unabashedly hacked celebrity looks from the Cannes Film Festival, and we happily turned to Kate and Kim for some wedding veil inspiration. But now it’s time to steal celeb smartphone style!

Thanks to paparazzi photos and Instagram selfies, we’ve sniffed out the iPhone cases that our favorite female celebrities are rockin‘ these days. Totwinsy it up with JLo, Lorde and Queen Bey herself, check out these super affordable, star-approved smartphone cases.

1. I Heart Fro-Yo ($35): Only Mindy Kaling can pull off something as fabulously ridiculous as this Moschino ice cream case. So for all of us diehard Mindy (and froyo!) lovers out there who can’t quite pull it off, we found something a little less outrageous (and pricey!) for our iPhone 5s. (Image via mindykaling)

2. Knuckleduster Phone Case: Cameron Diaz looks so badass carrying around a gold knuckleduster case that we just had to get our own. But why buy when you can DIY? In true Brit + Co fashion, we found this 3D printable version. (Image via PopSugar)

3. La Pavilion – Jewels ($40): We are loving Jennifer Garner’s hot pink and polka dot case (and we’re sure Violet and Seraphina are, too!) Check out this case from Kate Spade and become twinsies with Mrs. Affleck. (Image via Celebuzz)

4. Nail Polish Case ($15): Covergirl Sofia Vergara might have an awesome nail polish drip iPhone case, but you can get yourself a Chanel nail polish case for only 15 buckaroos! (Image via sophiavergara)

5. Colorful Geo iPhone Case ($30) JLo looked smokinhot for her World Cup performance, but her iPhone case was all #familyfirst. Check out Shutterfly’s many customizable, family-portrait iPhone cases so you can bring the kiddies with you wherever you go. (Image via jlo)

6. Bunny Ears iPhone Case ($3): Jess from New Girl is the queen of quirky, and we all know and adore her red rabbit-eared iPhone case. To channel Zooey Deschanel and her goofy alter ego, check out this lookalike on Amazon, complete with sky high ears and fluffy bunny tail. (Image via The Cool Girl’s Closet)

7. Moonrise Kingdom ($35): This adorable pastel case based on Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom might not be the most recent Lena Dunham iPhone accessory, but it certainly is our favorite. Show your love for Sam and Suzy by slapping on this case from Society6. (Image via lenadunham)

8. Black Cat ($35): Oh, Lorde, how we dig you. This kitty-dotted iPhone fits our favorite dark princess to a T. And if Lorde is your homegirl, you should definitely buy this cat-head case to solidify your friend connection. (Image via lordemusic)

9. Her Daily Motivation ($35): Kris Jenner obviously didn’t get the memo that Beyoncé is actually the queen of everything — but we can admire her confidence. If you’re feeling extra confident like Kris, then take a look at this (censored) Society6 case, which Lily Collins has also been seen toting around. (Image via Sun)

10. Flawless ($20): All hail Queen Bey and her Yoncé case! Purchase this Flawless case and prove your allegiance to the one true queen of everything. (Image via PopSugar)

What smartphone case is your favorite celebrity currently sporting? Have another celeb-inspired case to add to the list? Tell us below!