No, seriously. If you had to slip on a pair of smart specs to run errands, would you pick your go-to Glass or be the first kid on the block to rock LAFORGE Icis? By losing the bulky hardware attachment that still haunts Glass — even with chic new prescription frames — Icis just might have a chance of beating Google at their game.

Icis is a new line of prescription “smartspecs“with an embedded microphone, speaker and a camera that displays notifications in your field of vision. The glasses sync up to your smartphone using Bluetooth and socialFlo, an app launching mid-year that will be compatible on iOS, Android and Windows devices. Use it to pull in your favorite social networks and apps (yes, maps too!) and create the perfect peripheral playlist of alerts for your dashboard.

Icis is campaigning on Indiegogo right now to offer up early passes into the world of wearables with pledges in exchange for beta access. For $420, you’ll receive an Early Beta Kit in late 2014. Cut to the front and receive yours in August for $820. Or let the others do the testing and wait for a more finished, supposedly more stylish Icis BOLD for a $620 pledge and an estimated delivery date in early 2015.

The Icis BOLD frames will be available in three styles and three “sweet” colors: marble toffee, candy apple grey and licorice.

We wonder if the Glass Do/Don’t guide will be applicable with these too…

Do these look like “smartspecs” or normal glasses to you? Would you wear Icis or another pair? Sound off below!