One thing’s for sure, there’s no shortage of creative phone cases out there. We’ve rounded up ones that are strikingly beautiful, awesomely inventive, and even ones perfect for the maker in your life. But now, a breed of insanely wacky phone covers has, for better or worse, caught our eye: the 3D smartphone case. Yep, apparently it’s a thing. And it’s turned phone cases from practical scuff-busting armor into something hyper conceptual. Say sayonara to ever storing your phone in your pockets again, and say hello to answering a phone that’s stuffed into a hot dog-shaped case. We’re not joking.

1. Asos iPhone 5 Case With What the ? Slogan ($22): This iPhone case succinctly sums up our feelings about this trend. We’re betting you’ll feel the same once you scroll further down.

2. Asos iPhone 5 Case in Pineapple Shape ($22): Okay, this phone cover could be kind of cool if you’re sitting poolside sipping on a piña colada while you chat.

3. Asos iPhone 5 Monster Case ($22): Is it love at first sight with this fuzzy monster phone case? You tell us!

4. Marc by Marc Jacobs Zebra iPhone Case ($45): Have you ever Googled “sassy zebra”? We haven’t, but we imagine that this phone case would pop up pretty high in the results.

5. Yazbukey Phoe IPhone Case ($32): You know we love our tech throwbacks! Now you can reminisce about the rotary dial phone even while you’re on the go.

6. Asos iPhone 5 Hot Dog Moulded Case ($22): Behold: the hot dog shaped phone case. If you buy this, you have to answer every call with “What’s up dog? I’ll ketchup with you later.”

7. Asos iPhone 5 Jelly Monster Case ($15): This jelly monster phone case might be the least offensive of this batch in terms of shape, plus, his lower half is totally polka dotted. It seems like the more you look at him, the cuter he gets.

8. Diane Von Furstenberg 3D Lips iPhone Case ($44): Can’t figure out which lipstick shade to wear out tonight? Now you can turn to your phone case for bold beauty inspiration.

9. ‘90s Cell iPhone 4/4s Case ($20): What! This case turns your iPhone into a old school flip phone. So rad! To celebrate, lets break out the bean bags and watch Saved By the Bell!

10. Asos iPhone 5 Fried Moulded Case ($22): A French fries phone case? Who could have seriously ever imagined that? Maybe they make a super-sized one for iPads ;)

11. Marc by Marc Jacobs Olive iPhone Case in Chrome Multi ($50): If we had to choose a 3D phone case, this would definitely be it. This precocious pooch is alright with us.

BONUS:Alice Olivia Leg Jeweled iPhone 5 Case ($98): What the what is this? It looks like something straight out of our weird Etsy roundup, but no. It’s a legit designer iPhone case with DOLL LEGS DANGLING FROM IT. Those of you who would actually purchase this, show yourselves!

Would you ever rock a 3D phone case? Or do stick to practical second skins? What are your favorite ones out there? Tell us in the comments below.