Oscar hosts have the hardest job at the awards show each year. With all the singers, dancers, and presenters, the host is the one that people remember the most as either terrible or spectacular. While we critique red carpet looks, this year鈥檚 host, Jimmy Kimmel has been working to make sure that the show keeps rolling and that we鈥檙e not bored to tears (which can totally happen). With most of us prepping for Oscars Bingo, Kimmel鈥檚 had someone in his corner, helping him along鈥 and her work has paid off.

89th Annual Academy Awards - Show

Jimmy鈥檚 wife, comedy writer Molly McNearny, not only ensures that he鈥檚 funny on his late night show, but she鈥檚 been prepping him for his big night as Oscars host, and it鈥檚 paid off. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the host said, 鈥淚 need her to help me write jokes.鈥 All kidding aside, though, Kimmel relies on his wife to help him figure out what鈥檚 funny and what鈥檚 not.

Not only did Molly help Jimmy get his monologue right, but his pregnant wife is backstage at the awards show feeding her husband all the best lines of the night.

We鈥檙e team #Molly all the way.

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