The Super Bowl is cool and all, but there鈥檚 another Super Sunday that we mark on our calendars every year: The Oscars. Whether you鈥檙e baking up tasty snacks for the big night or DIYing Oscars decor for a shindig you鈥檙e hosting, we have the element it鈥檚 missing 鈥 this pretty and FREE Oscars Bingo printable, designed by Brit + Co designer Rosee Canfield.

Here鈥檚 what you鈥檒l need:

  • our printable Oscars聽Bingo template 鈥 download it here!
  • card stock if you have it (you might want to print out a couple extra of these for guests to take home 鈥 they鈥檙e that pretty)
  • scissors
  • colorful pens and/or small candy


1. Print out Bingo game cards (enough for you and your Oscar party crew).

2. Watch the show and mark your card with pen, candy, or other marker.

Rules: This is juuuust like Bingo, yo. When someone gets a complete row, either straight across or diagonally, they yell 鈥淏ingo鈥 and win. Prizes? That鈥檚 up to you, bbs. Happy watching!!

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Design: Rosee Canfield