Snapchat’s new Spectacles sunglasses are really cool. They’re topping holiday gift lists and people are LINING up to purchase them from a vending machine. But, there’s one big caveat that may be on your mind: Spectacles are sunglasses, which means you can only wear them while it’s sunny and you’re outside. So what are you supposed to do indoors or at nighttime?


Get the lenses cut out and replaced with prescription ones, obviously! Rochester Optical, a niche optical lens company, is now allowing Spectacles users to send in their glasses and have the traditional lenses cut out and replaced with clear optical, sun and photochromic options.

Basically if you get the lenses replaced, you’re just going to have large, brightly-colored circles around your eyes with cameras in each corner. They’re certainly a cooler look than Google Glass, but people around you will definitely still be able to tell that your glasses do more than just improve your vision.

The replacement lenses range from $79 to $199, depending on the type chosen. Once Rochester Optical receives the glasses, it takes only two to three days to replace the lenses. So if you send your glasses out soon (and you happen to know someone’s prescription), you could give the most tricked-out Xmas present ever.

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(h/t TechCrunch; photos via Snap)