Just when you thought you were totally prepared to take on springs trendiest prints like bold florals or artsy graphics, you get thrown a curveball — a very strange curveball, like a print of Zach Galifianakis’s face collaged on a t-shirt. Or Bill Murray’s face as Steve Zissou speckled all over a pair of baby blue leggings. That’s what the etsy shop Clashist is slingin’, and we’re having a very hard time looking the other way.

We first spotted the “Crush Tee” on It girl Cory Kennedy, who was decked out top-to-bottom in prints of The Hangover star’s bearded mug. Wait, that infers that there is also a pair of matching leggings…? Yep! Those exist, as well as other versions of the cut-and-paste print pieces featuring Hollywood babes like Channing Tatum, James Franco, and our boo RyGos (we wish).

The clothing may or may not look JUST like the cover of our high school Trapper Keepers, all studded with pics of ‘90s heartthrobs… oh, what? They ALSO make a ‘90s Johnny Depp print tee? Happy Birthday to us! For that reason alone, we’re obsessed with this oddball streetwear.

If you’re crushing hard on this collection (come on, how could you not LOL?), it’ll cost you $125 to rock the matching two-piece like Cory Kennedy ($55 for the unisex shirt, $70 for the leggings). So fess up: would you wear these kooky tees and leggings? Or are you cool with just gawking at these power prints from the safety of your screen? Tell us in the comments below.

(h/t The Cut)