The Ultimate Zodiac Gifts for Your Favorite Sign
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The Ultimate Zodiac Gifts for Your Favorite Sign

When it comes to picking a gift for someone for the holidays, it can sometimes be as tricky as interpreting what’s written in the stars. That’s why we’ve drawn up a zodiac sign gift guide that will help you nail the perfect present for any avid horoscope fangirl or lover of generally pretty things. Whether you’re looking for fiery, bold gifts or just something that will calm your already vibed out bestie, the gifts below have a little something for every sign. Take a peek at all the goodies below and be sure to pin some for yourself as well.


1. Bath & Body Works Fine Fragrance Mist Sleeve in Red Glitter ($13), 2. Japanese Cherry Blossom Fine Fragrance Mist ($14), 3. Teavana Red Poinsettia Macaron Tea Tin ($9), 4. Bando Chill Pill Keychain ($18), 5. Capri Blue Zodiac Candle ($14), 6. Anthropologie Star Sign Trinket Dish ($14), 7. Inglot Freedom System Palette + Custom Shadows ($86), 8. Baublebar Pavé Zodiac Constellation Pendant ($36)

Aries’ color is a bright, fiery red — which complements the energy and enthusiasm of individuals born under this sign. The Inglot Freedom System Palette will allow you to customize your shadow/lip palette as you please, all gorgeous hues of crimson.


1. Drybar Happy Hour Shampoo ($24), 2. Jérome Dreyfuss Popoche Medium Studded Leather Pouch ($315) 3. Bath & Body Works Gingerbread Latte Fine Fragrance Mist ($14), 4. Inglot Lip Tint Matte 33 ($18), 5. Capri Blue Zodiac Candle ($14), 6. Baublebar Pavé Zodiac Constellation Pendant ($36), 7. Anthropologie Star Sign Trinket Dish ($14), 8. Neely & Chloe No. 12 The Card Case Soft ($48), 9. Warby Parker Bonnie Sunglasses in Walnut Tortoise ($145)

Taurus’ are known for being grounded and when push comes to shove, unafraid of rolling up their sleeves and getting to work. Your colors are warm earth tones. With that kind of dedication, you need gifts that match your hard working way of life. Without sacrificing style, these super versatile Warby Parker Bonnie Sunglasses in Walnut Tortoise and high function and quality card wallet from Neely & Chloe are just what you need.


1. Butter London Wanderlust Collection and Clutch ($29), 2. Warm Vanilla Sugar Fine Fragrance Mist ($14) + Gold Ribbon Sleeve ($13), 3. Nails Inc. Whitechapel Glitter Polish ($10), 4. Misfit Ray in Rose Gold ($100) + Rose Gold Lariat Necklace ($30), 5. Artis Elite Mirror 10-Brush Set ($355) 6. Anthropologie Star Sign Trinket Dish ($14), 7. Capri Blue Zodiac Candle ($14), 8. Luk Beautyfood Organic Lip Nourish in Chai Shimmer ($25)

Everyone loves a bubbly Gemini, which is why yellow is the color of your sign. Social and engaging, the Gemini is always ready to put her best face forward. But Gemini’s have quite a range of personality — which is why she sometimes seems like two people in one. The Butter London Wanderlust Clutch comes with six mini-bottles of polish and also doubles as a real clutch. It’s a win-win!


1. Graymarket Eyelet Toiletry Bag ($38), 2. Bath and Body Works Black Tie Three-Wick Candle ($13), 3. Nails Inc. Diamond Arcade Glitter Polish ($15), 4. Bath & Body Works Frost Snow Blossom Fine Fragrance Mist ($14) + Glitter and Pearls Sleeve ($13), 5. Neely & Chloe Terrier Charm ($32), 6. Anthropologie Star Sign Trinket Dish ($14), 7. Capri Blue Zodiac Candle ($14), 8. Warby Parker Fisher Sunglasses in Brushed Ink ($145)

Cool tones of gray are the color for Cancers. Cancers often get lost in their own rich inner lives and complex feelings. A calming Bath & Body Work’s Black Tie scented candle might be the perfect thing to put a Cancer at ease. Also, Warby Parker’s Fisher Sunglasses are the just the thing to keep your eyes protected but your look still feeling v chic.


1. Bando Compliment Greeting Card Set ($12),  2. Anthropologie Star Sign Trinket Dish ($14), 3. Amala Rejuvenating Hand Cream ($34), 4. Modish Polish in On Fleek ($12), 5. Bath & Body Works Merry Cookie Three-Wick Candle ($13), 6. Fossil Robot Keyfob ($38), 7. Baublebar Pavé Zodiac Constellation Pendant ($36), 8. Capri Blue Zodiac Candle ($14), 9. Eminence Oils & Serums Signature Series Discovery Set ($79)

Leos tend to gravitate to the center of the party wherever they go, which is why bright, sunny orange is the shade that goes with this sign. Fossil’s Robot Keyfob is just as attention-grabbing as you are, as is the deliciously-scented Merry Cookie candle from Bath & Body Works.


1. Sweet Water Decor Eyelashes Coffee Mug ($18), 2. Anthropologie Star Sign Trinket Dish ($14), 3. The Cambridge Satchel Company Star Print Medium Push Lock ($155) 4. Ciaté London Fearless Eyeshadow Palette ($35), 5. Capri Blue Zodiac Candle ($14), 6. Baublebar Pavé Zodiac Constellation Pendant ($36), 7. Nails Inc. Bermondsey Denim Effect Nail Polish ($15), 8. Neely & Chloe No. 11 The Mini Wallet Saffiano ($58)

Virgos channel tranquility and navy blue is the hue of your temperament. The Ciaté London Fearless Eyeshadow Palette has your signature color, of course, but plenty of other complementary shades that will really make your eyes pop. Also, the Sweet Water Decor Eyelashes Coffee Mug gives your morning coffee mug a serious upgrade!


1. Bando Happy Heart Porcelain Dish ($15), 2. Bath & Body Works Juniperberry and Pine Three-Wick Candle ($13), 3. Neely & Chloe No. 10 The Large Wallet Soft ($118), 4. Capri Blue Zodiac Candle ($14), 5. Baublebar Pavé Zodiac Constellation Pendant ($36), 6. Warby Parker Nancy Sunglasses in Lavender ($95), 7. Anthropologie Star Sign Trinket Dish ($14), 8. Bath & Body Works Twister Peppermint Fine Fragrance Mist ($14) + Pink Glitter Fine Fragrance Sleeve ($13), 9. French Girl Organics Rose Lip Polish ($15)

Sociable, popular Libra’s hues are pastels and lavenders. This Neely & Chloe wallet is the pretty-in-pink way to schlep all your cash and cards around. And since Libras love a beautiful environment, Bath & Body Work’s Juniperberry and Pine Three-Wick Candle will leave your house smelling delicious.


1. Kusmi Tea Anastasia Mug ($23), 2. Anthropologie Star Sign Trinket Dish ($14), 3. Kusmi Tea Matryoshka Sugar Cookies ($10), 4. Fossil RFID Passport Cover ($55), 5. Buxom Stone Cold Babe Shadow Palette ($42) + IT Brushes for Ulta LoveBeauty Fully Buffing Mineral Powder Brush ($30), 7. Baublebar Pavé Zodiac Constellation Pendant ($36), 8. Hard Candy Crystal Confetti Nail Polish ($4)

Scorpios are famous for their passion in life, which is why your color is a deep, sultry red. Fossil’s RFID Passport Cover is just the passport wallet you need to accompany you through all your travels — plus, it shields your passport and cards from RFID skimming.


1. Bath & Body Works Sparkling Woods Three-Wick Candle ($13), 2. Ouai Wave Spray ($12), 3. Misfit Speedo Shine 2 ($120), 4. Baublebar Pavé Zodiac Constellation Pendant ($36), 5. Anthropologie Star Sign Trinket Dish ($14), 6. &Other Stories Chamray Micellar Water ($15), 7. Capri Blue Zodiac Candle ($14), 8. Julie Vos Penelope Hoop With Drop Earrings ($148) 9. Julie Nolan Taurus Cuff ($50)

Sagittarius’ radiate energy and enthusiasm, and you crave a good adventure. Your color is winter white, like the Misfit Speedo Shine 2 that’s made especially for swimmers. Bath & Body Work’s Sparkling Woods Three-Wick Candle will also make your home smell seasonal for those born under this winter sign.


1. Inglot HD Lip Tint Matte 12 ($18), 2. Amala Purifying Blemish Treatment ($36), 3. Hush + Dotti Organic Mascara ($24) 4. Verloop Stacked Tassel Charm ($28) 5. Bath & Body Work Vanilla Balsam Three-Wick Candle ($13), 6. Anthropologie Star Sign Trinket Dish ($14), 7. Orla Kiely Block Leather Square Poppy Bag ($307) 8. Capri Blue Zodiac Candle ($14), 9. Elizabeth and James Luca Moon & Stars Cutout Earrings ($115) 10. Baublebar Pavé Zodiac Constellation Pendant ($36)

Capricorns are known for your frankness and perception. As an earth sign, your shade is a gorgeous earthy green — and while green lipstick is cool, it’s not for everyone. But don’t worry, Inglot’s HD Lip Tint Matte 12 is in a stunning shade of red that perfectly matches your warm green aura.


1. Capri Blue Zodiac Candle ($14), 2. Sweet Water Decor Boss Lady Mug ($18), 3. Neely & Chloe No. 12 The Card Case Saffiano ($48), 4. Bath & Body Works Magic in the Air Fine Fragrance Mist ($14) + Mint Glitter Fine Fragrance Sleeve ($13), 5. Karen Walker Split Flame One Earrings ($40) 6. Baublebar Pavé Zodiac Constellation Pendant ($36) 7. Aquarian Soul Stardust & Moonstone Highlighting Balm ($38), 8. Anthropologie Star Sign Trinket Dish ($14)

Creative and ephemeral Aquarius is an air sign but your symbol is the Water Bearer, so all shades of sea greens and blues help you radiate your energy. Naturally, with all that energy, you need a glow. Aquarian Soul’s (that name!) Stardust & Moonstone Highlighting Balm will help you achieve that radiant look.


1. Capri Blue Zodiac Candle ($14), 2. Fossil Large Pouch ($95), 3. Bath & Body Works Vanilla Bean Noel Fine Fragrance Body Spray ($14) + Glitter and Pearls Sleeve ($13), 4. Baublebar Pavé Zodiac Constellation Pendant ($36), 5. Sugarfina Kyoto Blossoms ($10), 6. Anthropologie Star Sign Trinket Dish ($14), 7. Bando Compliment Greeting Card Set ($12), 8. Sarah Magid Galaxy Earrings ($268)

Pisces have a rich inner life and feel everything very deeply. While your hues are the entire spectrum of greens, your depth makes every color accessible for you. Fossil’s Large Pouch is an on-trend yet totally efficient way to get your necessities from point A to B. Also since Pisces are so thoughtful, Bando’s Compliment Greeting Card Set is a lovely way to send notes.

Photography: Germaine Gatewood

Photo Styling: Kimberly Wang

Illustration: Marisa Kumtong

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