Whether you’re more of a Harley Viera-Newton or a Kourtney Kardashian style-wise, it’s always super inspiring to take closet cues from your favorite street-style stars — especially when you’re feeling that fashion funk. (We always seem to need a trend refresh mid-summer!) But there are so many chic women walking the city streets in the best outfits (and posting said outfits all over Insta!) that it can be hard to choose a favorite muse. To help narrow down your search, we’ve put together a cosmos-approved guide to finding your street-style star match!


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1. Jeanne Damas: Jeanne Damas is the epitome of French cool-girl style: perfectly messy hair, pouty red lip, crinkled white shirt, and worn-in denim. This specific brand of easy, pared-down dressing totally vibes with your soft, sensitive nature, Cancer. And while you’re definitely not one to seek out the spotlight, you still appreciate that subtly feminine style that Damas has made her signature.


2. Freddie Harrel: Bold, vibrant, and bursting with joy de vivre, Freddie Harrel’s print-filled wardrobe is the perfect accompaniment to your outgoing, gregarious attitude, Leo. The stylist-blogger-public speaker has an outsized personality to match her fierce style, which suits your own creative consciousness just fine. There’s nothing too over-the-top for either of you, both in life and wardrobe, and we love to see your playful nature come through in your color-filled closet.


3. Aimee Song: Impeccable. That’s the word we’d use to describe Aimee Song’s killer street style — and also the word we’d use to describe you to your core, Virgo. As the resident perfectionist of the zodiac, you’re no stranger to making sure there’s nary a figurative hair out of place (and rest assured, Song never has a literal hair out of place). The blogger/interior architect’s outfits (and beauty game) are always 100 percent on point, from the slicked-back pony down to the two-toned block heels, and we know this attention to detail is so satisfying to your soul. And to speak to your generous, community-service side, Song owns an ethically sourced t-shirt line with her sister Dani, where they design and sell clothes to bring awareness and funding to deserving charities.


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4. Sarah Harris: Always smartly dressed with just a hint of subversion, Sarah Harris knows how to maintain a balance with her style, which we know you can get down with, diplomatic Libra. The UK Vogue fashion features director turns it out every day, even if it’s just a pair of impeccably tailored jeans with a perfectly worn-in vintage T-shirt. There’s an attention to every aspect and love of luxe details that we know you can get behind, Libra, so be sure to follow this Brit’s style journey.


5. Shiona Turini: Striped crop tops, impeccably tailored trousers, sky-high heels — Shiona Turini knows how to turn up the drama when it comes to getting dressed every morning. We are here for it, and so are you, sensual Scorpio. Your passion and intensity pair perfectly with Turini’s seriously sexy style, so grab a blazer and a bikini top and take a cue from the fierce stylist-editor herself.


6. Jules Sariñana: A globe-trotting fashion designer with more Instagram followers than Gwyneth Paltrow, Jules Sariñana completely connects to that energetic, wanderlust side of you, Sag. Her edgy, Cali-girl style is the definition of effortless, with lots of cut-offs, Converse, and crop tops thrown into the mix. She’s always adding a globally inspired print or texture to her travel-inspired looks, which totally vibes with your thirst for adventure and travel.


7. Olivia Palermo: Olivia Palermo is always dressed to impress — and for success. Sound like someone else you know, Cap? The former reality star-turned-model has impeccable taste, effortlessly mixing patterns, textures, and silhouettes in a way that’s both modern and sophisticated. As someone who’s career oriented and super savvy, you totally vibe with Palermo’s chic-and-structured style personality.


8. Leandra Medine: Aquarius, we’re pretty sure you’ve got Fleetwood Mac’s “Go Your Own Way” playing on loop in your head, and we love you for that independent, rebellious vibe. You’ve got a kindred sartorial spirit in Leandra Medine, AKA the Man Repeller, with her intensely unique personal style. Her entire brand is built on celebrating the clothes that make you feel most you, whether that’s pure prep, romantically boho, or somewhere in the middle. Let her infectious energy infuse your own dressing rituals and let your authenticity shine.


9. Linda Rodin: Just read a single review of any product in Linda Rodin’s eponymous beauty line and you’ll know that the woman is wise — just like you, Pisces! In fact, we think you’ve got lots of things in common, like a naturally intuitive way of dressing that can transform and shift based on your ever-evolving mood. Rodin will rock an evening gown as much as she’ll put on a pair of Levi’s, and look just as beautiful either way. So, never be afraid to let your internal voice choose your #OOTD, Pisces.


10. Eva Chen: You’re confident, fearless and never afraid to go after what you want, Aries, which makes Eva Chen a perfect street-style match for your ram horns. Chen’s Insta-famous on-the-way-to-work-back-of-cab-shoe-and-fruit shots speak to two of your passions: fabulous shoes and a tireless will. Chen’s career success translates into her dressing, as she’s always looking work appropriate and totally herself. It’s a passion you can relate to, and we love to see you living that truth through your wardrobe.


11. Natalie Suarez: With your down-to-earth attitude, love of nature, and peaceful demeanor, we know you’ll totally fall for model Natalie Suarez’s style. She’s got that modern-romantic look on lock, with lots of floaty layers and dreamy prints taking center stage in her outfits. She also always looks completely comfortable and relaxed in her clothes (never uptight or awkward), and we know how important feeling chill is to you, Taurus. Go ahead, rock those maxi dresses all year long!


12. Jenny Walton: As fashion director of The Sartorialist, Jenny Walton has to maintain an insatiable curiosity for fashion to keep the brand relevant and focused. Dream job, amirite, Gemini? This style-centric intellectualism manifests itself in Walton’s style too. She’s always on the hunt for a unique vintage find, and effortlessly mixes prints, eras, and silhouettes into a singularly chic look. It’s a thoughtful, open way of dressing that your own curious, variety-seeking brain can get down with.

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