Most of the time, we’re busy thinking about and planning all the things we’re going to do in the months ahead — but what about all of the old, bad habits that it might be better for us to stop doing? Knowing when to say “no” is important, so here are 10 things that we think everyone should consider saying goodbye to.

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1. Stop trying to make everyone else happy before yourself. While it never hurts to resolve to be more generous or thoughtful with your loved ones, it’s also important to take the opportunity to get reenergized about your own needs and priorities. Be good to others, but don’t sacrifice your own time, health, or happiness to do it.

2. Stop doing the same things the same way. Challenge yourself to switch up your daily routine with a new workout or fresh skin care regimen. Shake up your life even more by checking out a new hobby, taking an art class, or learning a new language. Imagine how much richer your life will feel by breaking out of your comfort zone!

3. Stop waiting for other people to make the first move. Are you waiting for your crush to initiate dinner or sitting around waiting for your bestie to put your next friend date on the calendar? Don’t. Stop playing games and take control of your social life. Plan your fun on your own terms!

4. Stop hitting snooze. Add an extra hour or two of productivity to your day by actually waking up with your alarm. Tons of successful people swear by their morning routines, so try your hand at an earlier wake-up call and see how much more effective you can be at achieving all of your other goals. You may even sleep better if your body isn’t anticipating multiple alarms!

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5. Stop checking your phone. We know, we know — it’s really hard to resist the urge to constantly look at your phone. It seems like there’s no end to the emails from the office, group texts never sleep, and we’re all ALWAYS on the lookout for the next perfect ‘gram. Setting boundaries with your devices is important though, and learning to pay attention to people and places IRL this year will ensure that you make plenty of great new memories.

6. Stop the mindless binge watching and channel surfing. There’s nothing wrong with checking out the next great Netflix series or tuning into your favorite HGTV show, but don’t default to using your television for entertainment whenever you’re feeling bored.

7. Stop body shaming yourself. There are enough negative voices out there in society and pop culture telling us how we’re supposed to look — there’s no reason to add your own voice to the mix. Your intentions to work out more and eat better are super important, but as long as you’re putting in your very best effort, we encourage you to make like Elsa and let it go.

8. Stop revisiting history. It’s that much more difficult to move forward and tackle all of your great goals if you’re still analyzing what’s happened in the past. Get over your ex, cut off the drama with your frenemy, and stop stressing about that mistake you made at the office months ago. Onwards and upwards!

9. Stop being a stranger. We totally support establishing a healthy distance from the negative people in your life, but don’t forget about all the friends and family members who bring you nothing but positivity. If you’ve lost touch with any of those loved ones — either accidentally or on purpose — pick up the phone and get your relationship back on track.

10.Stop saying “never.” Maybe you can’t picture yourself jumping on the next diet or mindfulness trend now, but don’t rule anything out! Stay open to new practices and opportunities that might make you a better, stronger, and happier you.

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