The advent of dating apps such as Bumble (where women are the ones to make the first move) is just one more step in a cultural shift away from traditional dating norms. Now that women have the power to make moves, it鈥檚 time to take full advantage of our favorite dating apps. Armed with tried and true (and mom-approved!) profile tricks and Tinder鈥檚 new algorithm, add these five tips to your arsenal of first-move, well, moves.

Texting on the phone

1. Be complimentary. Whether you like the shirt they鈥檙e wearing in their profile picture or a funny joke in their bio, starting off the conversation with a genuine compliment is a sure-fire way to be memorable and make a great first impression all at the same time.

2. Find common ground. If their bio talks about one of your favorite sports teams or movies, dive right into the conversation with a comment about what you have in common. Not only will you get noticed, but you鈥檒l have an easy start to the conversation.

3. Bring on the LOLs. Whether you like corny or sarcastic jokes, a great thing to have in common with someone is a sense of humor. Put your potential partner鈥檚 humor to the test by putting your own on display in their DMs.

4. Make a bet. Appeal to their competitive side by starting off your conversation by making a bet 鈥 say, if they鈥檙e from a city with a rival sports team, that you鈥檒l buy them drinks if their team beats yours, or vice versa. As a bonus, you might even set yourself up for a date without even trying!

5. Play 20 questions. The best part about asking a question is it renders necessary a response. Ask about their profile, where they鈥檙e from or even their job. If they鈥檙e from Chicago, for example, you might ask if they鈥檝e ever been to Lollapalooza.

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