A great night of sleep and a solid morning routine are two things every hardworking career woman with big dreams *needs* in her daily life. In fact, some of the most admirable #girlbosses say that their morning rituals are what help them power through the day. Though yours doesn’t need to be as rigid or fanatical as some of the other morning routines of successful people we’ve read about (sorry, Gwyneth!), you *might* be able to improve yours by adding a few super thoughtful activities that take barely any time at all. Scroll on for five quick morning activities that might make a major difference in your day.

woman morning coffee and newspaper

1. Quiet Time: Making time for quiet morning moments allows you to start your day in a grounded way, which will help you stay calm and uber-focused all day. Whether you take a few minutes in bed (phone-free!) for yourself before you start getting ready, or sit down to eat your breakfast rather than dashing out the door, be sure to make room for at least 10 minutes of peaceful downtime. You have the entire day ahead for convos, tunes, shows and phone calls, after all.

2. Positive Thinking: The power of positive thinking has been proven time and time again, so why not incorporate it into your morning routine with daily affirmations (saying confidence-boosting phrases out loud) or simple visualization? If you’re not sure which affirmations can help you channel your best energy, try browsing your fave blogs or Pinterest pages for quotes that stand out to you. When it comes to visualizing, it can be as easy as closing your eyes and imagining the best case scenario or dream outcome for various situations that’ll present themselves during your day. Remember that you get what you give — the positive energy you put into the universe WILL come back around.

New York Woman Journaling in Park

3. Journaling: Putting your thoughts on paper can be seriously cathartic and makes it easy to track trends, patterns and accomplishments in your life. Carve out a few moments each morning to write or sketch whatever flows out. You might find that this exercise also helps you tap into your creativity or unleashes an awesome new idea.

4. Exercise: Working out in the early hours isn’t for everyone, but there’s definitely something to be said for getting your endorphins flowing right off the bat. You’ll also jumpstart your metabolism and get the benefits of a huge boost of energy. Another plus? Squeezing in morning exercise means that you won’t be tempted to skip it if you feel tired after a long day at work. If a morning workout definitely isn’t for you, try fitting in 15 minutes of stretches, or walk or bike to work.

5. Learning: Morning brain fog is legit, but it doesn’t mean you have to fall victim to it. Make time to read a few pages of the page-turner on your nightstand, put on a podcast or audiobook as you get dressed or use a brain-boosting app during your commute. By the time you get to work, you’ll be rearing and ready to go.

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