Happy almost Thanksgiving! We love this time of year. Turkeystuffingpumpkin spice EVERYTHING.


But there is a downside to Turkey Day: awkward encounters with your least favorite relatives. And when you’re elbow-to-elbow around a crowded dinner table, it’s just about impossible to avoid uncomfortable questions about your career and love life.

Don’t worry, though, because we’re going to help you get through this — without stress-eating an entire bowl of mashed potatoes. When you feel your relative-rage rising, just imagine telling your family to stuff(ing) it with these just-for-fun clever responses to some of their most awkward Thanksgiving questions.

On work and politics

1. “You’re a ‘social media specialist’? What does that mean, you just sit around on Facebook all day?” Answer: “Angry Face reaction.”

2. “So, what do you make of this election?” Answer: “I’m going to need to hear what you make of it first.”

On your personal life

3. “Are you seeing anyone special these days?” Answer: “Yep. Every time I look in the mirror.”

4. “Have you thought about freezing your eggs?” Answer: “I prefer them scrambled.”

5. “You live by yourself? Isn’t that lonely?” Answer: “Not when you have your six cats to talk to.”

6. “My coworker has a son about your age. How about I set you two up?” Answer: “How about I set this room on fire?”

7. “What happened to that nice boy you were seeing last year?” Answer: “He broke up with me because he couldn’t stand my family.”

On general thanksgiving topics

8. “What do you mean the pies aren’t homemade?” Answer: “Like that’s going to stop you from having two servings of each.”

9. “What are you most thankful for this year?” Answer: “Plan B.”


10. “Can you pass the gravy?” Answer: “I’m on a (gravy) BOAT!”

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(GIF via The Lonely Island, photos via Getty)