Here's the deal. Flip flops are absolutely essential for summer, but sometimes they are downright boring. The fancy ones hurt your feet and the comfy ones look like shower shoes.

So naturally, we hit up Old Navy, stocked up on 10 pairs of $5 flip flops, busted out our super glue, needle and thread, and got crafty with it.

We recommend getting a bunch of pairs and making a few pairs you can mix and match! :)


– flip flops!

– Gorilla Glue

– needle & embroidery floss

– trim: ribbon, yarn, zippers, buttons, etc!

The how-to for each of these styles is basically stitch, glue, or stud.

For gluing the trim down, you'll want to use Gorilla Glue as it works super well on various materials. For stitching, you'll need a pretty heavy duty needle, and the studs are pretty self-explanatory.

1. Gold Stars: We'll kick it off with gold stars! We found this playful trim at our local fabric store. This is a great way to bling up any pair of flops, and these would be a perfect late night option for a summer wedding.

2. Fringe: You know we love our boho action. The combo of black and white gives this hippie-fied sandal a graphic edge.

3. Colorful Yarn Wrap: Sometimes those plastic flops can get a little blistery, especially on a really hot day. Give your feet a break and add a little color to your look by wrapping them in yarn. We used a few spots of glue throughout the wrapping and at the base to keep it in place. For a more temporary look, use hot glue instead of Gorilla Glue.

4. Studs: A few months ago we studded our collars, and now we're studding our flops! We used traditional studs that poke through and fasten on the underside of the flip flop straps. Super easy to do, and pretty simple to change up.

5. Crocheted Trim: We had some extra trim left over from our Beach Wrap DIY and decided to boho up our navy flops. Simply sew around the strap and create a soft, earthy texture for your darling feet.

6. Neon Zippers: Remember when we spruced up our buns with a neon orange zipper? Turns out, you can do the same thing with a pair of flip flops. You can either sew or glue these to the sandal straps.

7. Bright Orange Ribbon: As simple as DIYs come, we simply glued bright orange ribbon to yellow flops for this one. Sort of looks like a construction site meets the yellow brick road in the most stylish way possible, right?

8. Silver Chain: That's right. We took some excess chain from yesterday's Wrap Bracelet project and threw it on a pair of flops. Again, this is one that could be executed by gluing the chain down or by sewing loops around the chain and flop strap.

9. Studded Trim: More studs! We found this studded trim and couldn't resist. This is even easier than the traditional style studs, and came with adhesive backing making it a truly no frills DIY.

10. Brass Buttons: Finally, buttons! Glue or sew any handful of buttons to a pair of flops for a playful but still refined look.

How do you keep your flip flopping footwear chic in the summertime? Have any questions about the ideas above? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or say hello over on Twitter.