Let’s be honest — we’ve all had our fair share of Pinterest fails, whether we decide to broadcast them to the world or otherwise. And while it’s super satisfying to complete a complicated DIY project (especially one that we learned at a creative festival), this weekend we’re opting for an easy DIY project that we know we can handle.

Now that fall reading is totally on our to-do list, we’ve decided to tackle 12 easy bookish DIYs to show off our literary nerdom to the world.


1. DIY Papercut Animal Bookmarks: A printer, paper and scissors — that’s all you’ll need to complete these mega adorable bookmarks that will cute-ify your current read. (via Lia Griffith)


2. DIY Book Sling: Bookshelves are sooo 2015. All this project requires is a quick trip to the hardware and fabric store for easy (and charming!) book storage. (via The Home Depot)


3. DIY Accordion Organizer: We have had a long love affair with old books (and not just because science has finally proved why they smell so good), which is why we’re in love with this crafty DIY accordion organizer — it’s perfect for jewelry, gift tags and so much more! (via Wings of Whimsy)


4. Book Necklace DIY: We don’t wear our heart on our sleeve; we wear it around our neck. This sweet book-lover necklace is perfect for the literary fanatic. Just make sure you order the miniature books ahead of time… otherwise, you might just have to get crafty! (via The Darice Craft Blog)


5. Linen Covered Books: While most of the time we love proudly displaying our current literary obsessions, a classy linen-covered display is always a stylish option. Use Magnolia Market’s easy one-day DIY to transform your bookshelf into true bibliophile goals. (via Magnolia Market)


6. DIY Library Book Bags: One thing in life is certain: You can never have too many book bags! Transform a plain bag into a gorgeous print with this step-by-step iron-only DIY. (via Lil Luna)


7. Book Table Runner: This might be the most genius idea we’ve seen all week. Although it isn’t exactly waterproof (or kid proof), this single-day DIY will definitely be the envy of all at your next autumnal dinner party. (via BHG)


8. DIY Book Planters for Succulents: Turn your thrift store bookish finds into a gorgeous home for succulents with this eco-friendly DIY. (via Apartment Therapy)


9. DIY Velvet Covered Books: Brighten up a few classic volumes or well-loved journals (or both!) with this super simple project to cover just about anything in stunning velvet. (via Fall for DIY)


10. DIY Inspiration Smashbox: Create your own art and inspiration journal with this adorable watercolor and typography tutorial by Dawn Nicole Designs. (via Dawn Nicole Designs)


11. DIY Cat Bookmark: Have a little extra soft wire lying around? Why not craft this adorable DIY cat bookmark to make your current read meow-volous. (via DIY Christmas Crafts)


12. Book Folding Art DIY: Whether you’re an origami pro or just want a simple no-materials DIY to tackle this weekend, Me Sew Crazy’s cool video tutorial will teach you how to fold any shape or letter into your favorite novel. (via Me Sew Crazy)

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