More and more, today’s brides are opting to go the less traditional route. I’m one of them. My wedding ring is actually full of light blue sapphires that were mined in Montana, where my husband is from. (You can probably spot it in some of our Episodes if you look closely!) And guess what? Going the non-traditional route is totally 100% okay. In fact, the whole “engagement rings must be diamonds” thing is a load of crap — many etiquette experts will agree. Diamond manufacturers jumped on this back in the colonial times, and then De Beers blew it up even further with its marketing of “diamonds are forever” and the widely known “rule” that a man must spend a percentage of his annual income on the ring. Get all the facts here.

Knowing all of this, we think the most important part of an engagement ring is the meaning behind it. Beyond that, it’s all about what price point works for you and what looks prettiest on that left hand! Thus, we thought it would be fun to round up some of the prettiest yet least traditional engagement rings we could find. Single and engaged girls, pin, save, or write these down! Married ladies, your right hand could always use some extra bling, right? Gotta balance it out :)

P.S. If you are engaged, you might want to wander over to Weduary to start creating a pretty, custom wedding site. It’s completely free. Oh, and we highly suggest matching it to your ring. Okay, okay, the shameless plug is over. Without further ado, here our 12 favorite unique engagement rings… choose your favorite!

1. Morganite and Diamond Rose Gold Ring ($600)

A big look at a small price, this one may only sport .5 carat diamonds offers 4 carats of morganite and a lovely design over rose gold and sterling silver. If you love this but want more legit gold, check out its big sister.

2. Blue & White Diamond 14K Ring ($735)

I’ve heard of yellow diamonds, I’ve heard of black diamonds, but I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of blue diamonds. This ring is such a great fusion of vintage and modern.\

3. Satomi Kawakita Platinum Diamond Solitaire Ring ($1760)

Ooh, we love the brushed platinum brand against the sparkling stone. What a great contrasting look.

4. Diamond Love Knot Ring ($3,650)

What better way to say, ‘we’re tying the knot!’? P.S. Have you ever heard the backstory on where that saying came from? It’s quite fascinating.

5. Faberge Ruby + Diamond Ring ($342,000)

We had to do a double take when we saw the price sign on this one! It’s gorgeous, but… really? Here’s the background on why this baby is so pricey.

6. Jan Logan 18CT Black Diamond Piccadilly Ring ($6,500)

A black stone surrounded by white diamonds is the ultimate chic contrast.

7. Repossi Rose Gold & Diamond Berbère Ring ($17,125)

Stacked rings are all the rage right now, and this design lets you stack four in one. In other news, I’m starting to think I have a minor obsession with rose gold…

8. Cathy Waterman Pink Tourmaline & Diamond Ring ($7,825)

The colors! The stones! The shape! We can’t handle it.

9. Eva Fehren Petrified Wood & Diamond Classic Ring ($9,500)

Petrified wood + diamonds!? It’s like every outdoorsy girl’s dream. We dig it.

10. Sevan Bicakci Diamond Garden Theme Ring ($24,830)

We’re getting into extremely unrealistic pricing territory here, but this ring definitely made us stop and stare. You too?

11. Pocahontas Meets Art Deco (sold)

This gorgeousness sold for $12K over at Erie Basin. Be sure to check their site for truly incredible vintage finds. And yes, we came up with the name. ;)

12. Nuts + Bolts Ring ($ unknown)

No price on this one either; in fact, it may just be a design concept. But, we think it’s kind of hilarious as a set. What other common pairs of things could you make his + her ring designs out of?

If you could have any of these rings, which would it be? Do you have any other favorite non-traditional rings? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter!

Update: Here are some awesome rings submitted by folks on Twitter. Tweet me up with more!

Emerald Cut Ring submitted by @jvpmedia

Blue Diamond Ring personally owned and submitted by @ashr0se

Meteorite + Gold Ring personally owned and submitted by @capriciousK

Various awesome rings submitted by @karmastic

Vintage rings submitted by @laurao