It goes without saying that marriage is a big decision 鈥 but so is getting a tattoo. If you鈥檝e already taken the leap and tied the knot with your significant other, then congrats! But if you鈥檙e looking to kick it up a notch, a wedding ring tattoo may be the perfect way to signify the lasting bond between the two of you. Aside from wedding hair and makeup inspiration on Instagram, it also boasts a ton of the cutest couples wedding ring tattoo ideas. If you and your dearly beloved wouldn鈥檛 mind ditching that engagement聽ring for one you won鈥檛 have to worry about losing, check out these 16 wedding ring tattoos that could inspire yours.

initials tat

1. Initial Tattoos: If your partner knows you like the back of their hand, say so with a wedding band tattoo of their first initial. It鈥檚 also a sweet way to let others know who you鈥檙e taken by. (via @royboytattoo)

geometric diamonds

2. Geometric Diamond Tattoos: Opt for a unique unisex rendition of a diamond ring that the two of you can wear. If you鈥檙e feeling the geometric trend, go for an angular diamond stick and poke tattoo like this couple鈥檚. (via @ruffenough)

minimal line

3. Minimal Tattoos: You can鈥檛 go wrong with a simple wedding band line tattoo. It鈥檚 minimal enough to have while wearing a physical ring and striking enough to let it speak for itself. (via @carollyne)


4. Ampersand Tattoos: Ampersands are a typographical symbol with a variety of meanings. Whether you choose to have it mean the literal you & me or the start of a new adventure, it鈥檚 a symbol that will last as long as your love for one another. (via @calledawn81)


5. Couple鈥檚 Initials Tattoos: There are so many different and unique ways to write out both your first initials that you won鈥檛 have to worry about it not being original. Choose from a simple, minimal font or a fanciful script with a decorative flourish, like this couple鈥檚 matching tattoos. The possibilities are endless! (via @sarahgaugler)

initials and heart

6. Couple鈥檚 Initials and Heart Tattoos: This one has us thinking about our teen crushes, like whoa. There鈥檚 something about the <3 that takes you down memory lane. It鈥檚 an uber romantic idea, especially if you and your significant other have been together since your school days. (via @ra_kill)

to the moon and back

7. To the Moon and Back Tattoos: Think outside the box (or the galaxy) for a set of wedding ring tattoos that aren鈥檛 actually reminiscent of rings at all. Are they the rocket ship to your planet? Or maybe you always tell each other, 鈥淚 love you to the moon and back.鈥 If so, symbolize your permanent bond with space-inspired tattoos. (via @fox_on_the_run)

celtic knot

8. Celtic Knot Ring Tattoos: Celtic knots are known for their never-ending design, which make them perfect for symbolizing the bond between you and your beloved. If an eternity with your special someone doesn鈥檛 seem long enough, opt for the endless Celtic knot tattoos as emblems of your love. (via @evantattoos)


9. Significant Date Tattoos: Sometimes there鈥檚 nothing more meaningful than being reminded of a special day between the two of you. Whether it鈥檚 the day you met, began dating or got married, a tattoo of a significant date is a meaningful way to always remember an important milestone in your relationship. (via @malinda.fuller)


10. Tie a Knot Tattoos: Here鈥檚 another clever wedding band tattoo idea: Represent tying the knot with a tattoo of a knot or ribbon. You can decide to let the little decorative flourish of your tattoo peep out over or under your physical ring, or have it tattooed where you would wear it, if you鈥檇 rather not show both. (via @didgedahling)


11. Anchor Tattoos: You鈥檙e finally done searching for your soul mate, so let others know that you鈥檝e dropped anchor. Whether you choose to have the tattoo represent how your S.O. supports you like an anchor or how you鈥檙e anchored to one another for life, an anchor tattoo is a creative way to express how much you mean to one another. (via @tlccardon)

4 ever and ever

12. 鈥4 Ever & Ever鈥 Tattoos: Did you find your prince or the princess charming of your dreams? Let others know the two of you have found each other鈥檚 happily ever afters with romantic 鈥4 ever & ever鈥 matching tattoos. (via @pkt_amy_pate)


13. Crown Tattoos That Rule: Whether you鈥檝e met your match in the game of chess called life, or you promise to treat your favorite person in the world like royalty, crown tattoos are another creative idea for couples wedding ring tattoos. Crown tattoos are just a fancier way of proclaiming your love. (via @mrskazzward)

three lines

14. Infinite Lines Tattoos: To infinity and beyond! If you and your beloved know the search for those soul mates is finally over, seal the deal with these infinite lines wedding ring tattoos. (via @heidykalalo)


15. Personal Logo Tattoos: Create a meaningful symbol for the two of you that represents your shared brand. After all, it鈥檚 the most special kind of partnership. (via @iamaloy)


16. Seashell Tattoos: Is there something special that the two of you strongly identify with? Whether it鈥檚 culture, like this couple鈥檚 Tahitian-inspired wedding band tattoos, or another meaningful idea, a wedding band tattoo may be the most romantic way to express it. (via @lmmartinez88)

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