Guys, we are deep into the best time of the year! We’re high off the Halloween adrenaline and diving right into a different, but equally wonderful, holiday: Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is perhaps the most introspective holiday. What other day celebrates taking time to reflect on the positive aspects of life? Plus, this holiday also celebrates eating. Thanksgiving, you had me at hello.


Turkey is definitely ready for Thanksgiving, and so are we.


This holiday is all about feeling full in the stomach as well as the heart. From spending time with people you love to spending time with pies you love to eat, there are lots of reasons to adore this holiday. We teamed up with Studio Ink to compile a list of our fave things about Turkey Day. Read on!


1. The Side Dishes: We all know that turkey is just the face of Thanksgiving and the sides are the main acts. Come Thanksgiving dinner, we all look forward to stacking our plate with the potatoes, gravy, stuffing and Brussels sprouts. Though this is the day of tried and true family recipes, why not add in a couple of new dishes this year? Make this Brie, bacon and squash risotto — it’ll be sure to win some points among the family.


2. Thanksgiving-themed Greeting Cards: Let your loved ones know how thankful you are for them by sending greeting cards with notes about why you love them. Studio Ink has a lineup of sweet and sassy Thanksgiving cards, so you can find the perfect card for every person.


3. Going Home: Living on your own is awesome, but there’s nothing like going back to your old stomping grounds. Revisit your favorite places and take a trip down memory lane. Also, for some reason, sleeping in your old bed guarantees a stellar night’s sleep.


4. Reuniting With Old Friends: As you travel down memory lane, hit up your old pals! Thanksgiving is the perfect time to reunite with your old friends, some of whom you might not have seen in awhile. As you get older, the more precious your childhood friendships are.


5. Go for aTurkey Trot: What better way to prepare for a Thanksgiving feast than a morning run to increase your appetite? Turkey trots are probably the most chill races of the year, so have fun on this run! Dress up in costume and use the trot as an excuse to DIY a new colorful running belt, and even wrangle up some family members to join you on the run.


6. Throw a Friendsgiving Party: Before everyone heads home for the big turkey dinner, gather your friends, AKA the family you chose, for a Friendsgiving potluck. Learn how to host the most epic Friendsgiving here.


7. Can (and Should) Eat As Much Pie As You Want: This is not only true but necessary. Learn to make the ultimate pumpkin pie here.


8. Thanksgiving-Themed Crafts and Recipes: Remember making turkeys out of sandwich cookies and candy? Turkey crafts are still awesome and important! Bring back those cookie turkeys this year with this recipe.


9. Wearing Flannel: Okay, so wearing flannel, scarves and boots is not just a Thanksgiving thing, but an awesome part of fall in general. Regardless, Thanksgiving is the holiday to wear your coziest flannel. (Check out this flannel poncho DIY!) Make sure to also wear stretchy pants to accommodate the post-dinner food coma. :)


10. Making New Recipes Out of the Leftovers: Let’s be honest here: During Thanksgiving dinner, we’re all thinking about how great the leftovers are going to taste. Make the tastiest turkey sandwich or change things up and make this Thanksgiving leftover pizza!


11. The Thanksgiving-Themed TV Show Episodes: Not only do you get to celebrate Thanksgiving with your real-life friends and family, but you get to celebrate alongside your TV friends too. The Turkey Day episodes of your favorite TV shows are generally filled with warm and fuzzies, just like actual Thanksgiving.


12. Taking the Day to Remember Everything You’re Thankful For: This is the season to slow down and reflect on what you’re thankful for. Whether it’s big (like having a loving home to return to each year!) or small (like chocolate!), Thanksgiving is the official day to recount life’s blessings.


Let’s dig in!

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Author: Irene Lee