It's officially the week of The Hunger Games. At Brit HQ, we're preparing with everything we know best: trendy hairstyles, delicious bites, innovative gadgets, and even an app that helps you hone in on your archery skills. We've purchased our tickets for Friday night, and we're amped up to see Katniss battle The Capitol. Here are 12 ways that we're getting ourselves in fighting shape for this weekend's fiery premiere. And may the odds be ever in your favor. ;)

1. Chevron Side Braid: Channel Katniss’ fierce sense of style with our neon chevron how-to. Bonus points if you use electric wire, heavy duty rope or string for a bow as functional braid flair.

2. The Hunger Games Collection: Second on the beauty front is a set of freshly painted nails, Hunger Games style. Our favorite colors are definitely Electrify, Luxe and Lush, and Riveting.

3. Mockingjay Locket: It's true. The Hunger Games have hit Etsy in a pretty big way. Sport your support of the rebels with a lovely Mockingjay Locket. And if this one is sold out, try this one, this one, or this one. ;)

4. Make “Peeta” Cups with Hummus: We think it's no coincidence that Peeta the baker sounds an awful lot like Pita the bread. Nourish yourself with these delectable pita cups before heading to the theatre.

5. 3D Food Printer: We're dreaming up all sorts of delicious dishes we'd love to program our 3D food printer to make, and imagine this is just the type of gadget The Capitol is already all over.

6. Haymitch Vodka Infusion: Nothing like a clear, flavorless elixir to get Haymitch feeling fighting fit. Transform any bottle of vodka into a Hunger Games-ready infusion. For fans of President Snow (wait, are there actual fans of President Snow?), use rosewater and rose petals. For Katniss, infuse with orange slices and serve with a "frilly white straw."

7. Work It Out With ViPR: No better way to prepare for fighting to the death (or watching it…) than with our favorite new fitness craze: ViPR.

8. Archery Challenge Free: If you can't make it to the gym to pump up those guns, practice a bit of archery on your smartphone. Your hand-eye coordination will thank you in the digital arena.

9. Field Candy Tent & Biolite Camp Stove: Everything on our list of Must-Have Items For The Modern Boy Scout would greatly improve survival in the arena, but our favorite items are definitely the Field Candy Tent (we think viewers would eat up the "Get A Room" tent if inhabited by Peeta and Katniss) and the Biolite Camp Stove. This stove lets you cook meals with collected twigs and kindling, and converts the heat into usable electricity. You could probably even whip up a round of Pizza from a Can on this handy little cooktop. ;)

10. Solar Camp Shower: Maybe hygiene is at the bottom of most Tributes' list of priorities, but if we were prepping for the Games, we would definitely rock this solar-powered camp shower. Keeping warm, fresh, and undetectable by scent is actually pretty powerful.

11. Learn How To Crochet A District Blanket: Speaking of keeping warm, if you find yourself with oodles of time and oodles of yarn, bust out those old crochet needles (or buy brand new ones) and try your hand at crocheting a district blanket. Survivalist alternative? Pack an Emergency Mylar Thermal Blanket instead.

12. Fiery Popcorn: And lastly, don't forget to fire up your bag of popcorn at the movie theatre this weekend. We recommend this Cinnamon Red Hot variety but also love dropping in a few M&Ms, Junior Mints, and a dash of sea salt.

How will you prepare for The Hunger Games? The Hunger Games movie premiere, that is. ;) Send your ideas our way by finding us on Twitter or leaving a note in the comments below. And if you haven't read The Hunger Games, download for your iPhone, iPad, Kindle, or buy the book ASAP!