When I think about a trip to Disneyland, I don’t merely think of Mickey, Minnie, thrill rides, countless smiles and crazy fun. I also think about about ALL THE FOODS that we all love to get into our bellies. Nom, nom and yes, nom. At Disneyland, there’s no thing as a diet. There are many wonderful temptations within their huge selection of culinary offerings – both highfalutin and humble – throughout their two parks and three hotels. To help you get a taste of Disneyland between visits, we’ve got 15 Disneyland foods you can make in the comfort of your home (bonus: no lines!).

Pro tip: Did you know that if you swing by City Hall at the end of Main Street, you can ask to see their recipe book? Then they’ll make a copy of the recipe for your fav treat to take home.

Disneyland soup

1. Charred Nebraska Corn Chowder: When we go to Disneyland, we often stay at the Grand California Hotel. Not just for the comfy rooms and stunning arts and crafts lobby, but for easy access to the Storytellers Café and their killer corn chowder. It’s creamy, rich and worth every calorie, and you can make it at home with this recipe from the Disney Food Blog. (Photo via Disney Parks)

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2. Beignets: Those Mickey-shaped beignets served up at Mint Julep Bar… they are GOOD, all caps GOOD. Also fluffy, sugary and totally worth waiting in line for. Disneyland even has a couple of twists on the New Orleans’ staple. You can make your own Pumpkin Beignets (that are served up at the fancy-pants Club 33) or their seasonal Gingerbread Beignets (bookmark this recipe for the holidays).

3. Lobster Rolls: Your taste buds will be transported to New England when you bite into one of these creamy and decedent lobster rolls at the Harbour Galley in Critter Country. You can make your own at home with this recipe from Disney Parks.

4. Matterhorn Macaroon: This isn’t just any old macaroon — this is an epic tower of yumminess. The Matterhorn Macaroon can be made easily at home; the big difference between your standard macaroon is the height and the addition of snow, aka white chocolate. You can conquer this delish mountain yourself with this Disneyland-inspired recipe.

5. S’mores Bake: The S’mores Bake, served up in a large metal pan, was a beloved staple at the oh-so-missed Big Thunder Ranch (the popular family-style BBQ joint recently closed to make way for Star Wars land). At least we can keep the Big Thunder memories alive with this recipe for their S’mores Bake.

6. Red’s Apple Freeze: There is srsly nothing better on a hot Anaheim day than a Red’s Apple Freeze from the Cozy Cone in California Adventure. It’s so chill and yummy. For those hot I-miss-Disneyland-so-much days at home, this recipe is a must.

7. Safari Skewer:Bengal BBQ is a fab place to get a quick bite in Adventureland. Along with their delish Banyan Beef Skewers and Chieftain Chicken Skewer, their Safari Skewer, or bacon-wrapped asparagus, is a must. And they’re simple to make at home (as evidenced by this copycat recipe).

8. Churros: The Churros at Disneyland have a cult-like following, and for good reason — they are DELICIOUS. If you find yourself cravin’ them at home, whip up your own via this recipe from the Disney Doctor. Don’t forget the chocolate dipping sauce. Yummers!

Dole Whip Disneyland

9. Dole Whip Float: The Enchanted Tiki Room is a place to rest, relax, visit with Jose, Pierre, Michael and Fritz and last but not least enjoy a Dole Whip! You can make your own Dole Whip Float at home with this simple recipe. (Photo via Disney Parks)

10. Monte Cristo: Oh, the Monte Cristo — it’s not healthy, or low on calories, fats or carbs, but it’s so, so good! If you’ve feasted on this decadent sandwich at the Blue Bayou or Cafe Orleans, then you probably crave it every now and again while in the real world. Thankfully, you can make it at home with this recipe from Disney’s D23.

11. Trader Sam’s Panko-Crusted Chinese Long Beans: You know what’s so cool? Trader Sam’s at the Disneyland Hotel. This bar is made to look exactly like an old school tiki dive bar (with better drinks and way better food). One of the highlights on the menu are their Panko-Crusted Chinese Long Beans with Sriracha Mayonnaise, which go so well with a Krakatoa Punch, Shipwreck on the Rocks or a Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Rum. You can make your own enchanted long beans via D23’s recipe here.

12. Loaded Baked Potato Soup: Talk about comfort foods: The Loaded Baked Potato Soup at the Carnation Café is so comfy, you’ll want to curl up and take a nap after a bowl. It’s creamy, rich and deliciously old-school. Disney Parks shared the recipe, so you can make it at home (which makes that post soup snooze doable).

13. Hungry Bear Cupcakes: Winnie the Pooh would be so into these Hungry Bear Cupcakes (and we are too). They’re delicious and adorable, and luckily Disney Parks shared a version of the recipe for you to bake this sweetness at home.

FUELING UP AT CARS LAND - Cars Land has three spots for fueling up, offering flavorful foods with a contemporary spin on classic dishes from the 1950s. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Floís V8 Cafe features an on-stage rotisserie and a Pie-O-Rama for dessert. Cozy Cone Motel is inspired by the quirky ìwigwamî motels along Route 66 and each of the five teepees offers tasty ìcone-themedî treats. Fillmoreís Taste-In is home to resident hippie, Fillmore, where ìnatural fuelsî include whole and cut fruits, bottled water and juices, and soft drinks.

14. Veggie Tater Bake from Flo’s V8 Cafe: Instead of a corn dog or turkey leg, having a Veggie Tater Bake from Flo’s in Cars Land is a way more healthy option (especially if you’re a vegetarian). You can make your own with this recipe direct from Disneyland!

14. Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie from Flo’s V8 Cafe: After feasting on their Roast Beef & Cheddar, Turkey Dip or their healthy Veggie Tater Bake (above), you HAVE to get one of Flo’s Signature Seasonal Fruit Pie-O-Rama, like the strawberry-rhubarb pie that’s often on the menu. If it’s not, make it via this recipe from Disneyland.


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