Last month we swooned over cool desks, goodies for pepping up your workspace, and probably got too excited about tools for decluttering your cords. Today, we turn our attention to the more creative work realm. From jewelry studios to confetti workshops, here are 15 inspiring studios, shops, and craft rooms. (P.S. Happy National Craft Month!)

1. Confetti System Studio: Nicholas Andersen and Julie Ho of Confetti System have one of the most colorful workspaces we’ve ever seen. And look at all those awesome metallic rolls of tape! (via The Selby)

2. Darcy Miller’s Craft Room: Leave it to Martha Stewart Weddings Editorial Director Darcy Miller to have the most organized craft room possible. Definite inspiration for Brit HQ 2.0. (via Martha Stewart)

3. MakerBot Botcave: What we wouldn’t give to have shelves upon shelves of MakerBot 3D printers just churning out unusual objects. (via Laughing Squid)

4. Souped-Up Sewing Room: We love that this sewing room manages to not look like a fabric scrapbook exploded. It actually looks chic, minimal in color palate, and like a great place to tap into your inner Betsy Ross. (via Modern Domestic)

5. Free People Studio: Okay okay, it’s kind of a copout to include a company whose entire focus is creative colors on textiles… but how amazing is that wall of storage bins?! (via Roots & Feathers)

6. Pegboard Organization: Never underestimate the power of a pegboard. Great for tools, sewing notions, and everything in between. (via All People Quilt + Apartment Therapy)

7. Beam & Anchor Maker Space: This gorgeous maker space in Portland features all you need for woodworking, apothecary creation, upholstery, and more. Love the industrial feel. (via Remodelista)

8. Brooklyn Jewelry Studio: Is it weird that we’re swooning over these giant things that look like stationary needle nose pliers? The statement necklaces we could make with such a setup! (via Freunde von Freunden)

9. Gorgeously Green Artist Barn: Dream of escaping to a barn and painting gorgeous scenes in nature? (via Apartment Therapy)

10. White Light: Sometimes the best way to get inspired is to take away all distraction. (via Muna Home)

11. Geronimo Balloon Studio: Back to the colorful end of the spectrum, we’re pretty into drawers dedicated to balloon tassels. (via I Art U)

12. Uimi Textile Studio: Textile studio Uimi features some of the richest hues we’ve ever seen, in blanket form. (via The Design Files)

13. Classic Letterpress Studio: Folks who love old school typesetting dream of a letterpress studio like this. We love how much it feels as if its from a different era. (via Woodland Papercuts)

14. Backyard Painter’s Paradise: An outdoor hideaway for someone who can’t get enough green. (via Southern Living)

15. Jars and Stacks of Ribbon: Last of all, two slightly more utilitarian pieces of eye candy. Jars and stacks of well-organized ribbon! (via Martha Stewart + All People Quilt)

What does your dream studio or craft room look like? Share ideas and links with us in the comments below.